Sunday, February 7, 2010

=.= , +_+

Erm...It didn't work out "between CianYi and me"...nevermind =.=
Went to Sunway today, went straight up into the Popular with the intention of meeting Celine. Unfortunately, She's off today. Just my luck.
Anyway, saw eevon and Chiayeah instead. My mom noticed eevon's hairstyle, praised her and found out she had her haircut at Vegas. I never went there, but guess I'll give it a try^^
And ah Yeah, at Ogawa, you know, she sells massager and stuff, so of cause we didn't go in. She walks towards the front as soon as she saw us. And guess what, I mom just said this: Oh my god, What a beauty she is! yeah, I think so. She's like the most beautiful student in 2009 Form 5,in my point of view. She's cool, funny,happy go lucky....and quite tough too. It's a shame that some people doesn't see it this way. I mean, seriously!!! Just look at her...flawless!

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