Friday, February 12, 2010


CNY is near! CNY is near! Tomorrow there will be a reunion dinner at Celine's house...And then, maybe I'll be heading to aunt's house on Chu Er. Many many cousins there...let me count: 15. or more? But most of them are not married yet...or else, yeah~ ang pow!^^ So, for now, yeah~ gossip!!(I don't like to gossip much...but hey! It can't hurt.Right?)
I hit on the highway today. Since driving is stressing my brain and every bones and muscles within my body, I took a nap, planing to sleep for a little while. I set my alarm clock to 1 hour later, but it doesn't work.(This never work...) I must confess, alarm clock never work on me...When I am sleeping, don't ever think that you can wake me up easily.(Seriously, I mean it...^^)

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