Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey, friends!

Yes I'm starting to get bored. I'm the kind of person who like learning new things.
I'm trying hard to seek accompanyment, if not, I'll go alone^^

I love to have some "happy go lucky" sort of person to go with me.Hey, they could really lit my spirit up. So far, I've got yeeMin, good enough, we have been BFFs for nearly 10 years now. And I'm trying real hard to talk Cianyi into attending music lessons with us. I do hope this works out.

I'm really greatful coz I found some of my old friends on facebook.Some, we haven't met for 5-6 years! Unfortunately, Jiawen, one of my best friends in Primary School hasn't accept me yet...maybe she's in National Service??? and hey, Yisiew (or Jess?) grows up to be such a pretty lady ^^

And Thanks so much to Sophie and "Ong Min"(She forgot the YEE. or she purposely dropped it?)for noticing my blog and paid a visit. ^^

Sophie, I commented on your post. Hope you'll like what you see. We are so "one kind".Ong Min, you haven't gave me your add, well, you told me you have just started working on it: GOOD LUCK on that^^

I have to admit, I don't have many friends but all of you are more than enough for me. Coz, I know you all really do care about me, especially like kai ling, sushi,zhenyin, Jolee,Jieyin, suiyean etc.....we spend our time together much...Thanks !!! Love u all.

But, I do love to make mure friends like that...^^

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