Friday, February 19, 2010


Nothing much today, but its certainly not a typical Friday!I woke up at 7a.m. to keep my brother accompany. Why? He needed to study for his upcoming examination, and no one wanna wake up that early to陪太子读书,so I have to do it.(But I fell asleep again on the sofa.:)+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Then at about 11.30am, I went to Jin Rui's house to visit. There was a whole bunch of people there but the majority was his sister's friend. There was only me, Sushi, Chinkwang, Jin Rui and Zifang. They told me many of our friends can't make it because they were attending Tat How's Birthday party. Well, since I was not invited, I don't have to make this decision. Plus, if I were been invited, frankly, I'll still go to Jinrui's house, because, you know...出生入死's old friend。Sushi and me reach his house first. After "showing up" his dracula's teeth, he led us straight up to his room. The highlights? A really enormous blade like the one used in "The Storm Raiders".It's hang on the chase out evil spirit “避邪”(I think...whatelse???) And hey, he actually knows how to play the guitar plus singing along, from Taylor Swift to Adam Lambert... Wow, how I admire him...How did he do it?! I mean, he only started to learn it 'bout a week ago (he told me that), and he only learnt "informally" from his roommate, Oh my God. Is the guitar so easy to handle??? In my case, it's not. Maybe it's because my fingers are EXTREMELY short!!! Even my youngest brother's (only standard 6) fingers are longer than mine...
Plus, now when Jinrui knows how to play guitar, I seriously think Eeding must keep an eye on him now, because..."Pasaran telah diperluas..."Everyone who study economic sure will know the meaning...(Just kidding larr... don't kill me..>.<)+++++++++++
Then we have KFC and Pizza for lunch. Zhenyin tell us to keep some for her, which I really think she was just kidding. Though, we didn't...hahaz. After the meal, Sushi and me kinda share our "great" experience of drinking shendy with a straw to prevent oxidation of our bracelet with Jinrui. The funny thing was, one of his vampire teeth fell out...hahaz, looks like somebody will not be able to suck blood for some time now.^^+++++++++++++++++
Yeah, and something really funny about the meal is that...Chinkwang mentioned something funny and I remember the day when I was invited to my friend's birthday party. I still remember that incident vividly. There was a child at about 3-4 years old(I'm not so sure). We were enjoying ourselves at KFC. His mother was teaching him the name of the food. Then suddenly, my Friend said this to me:"Hey, please pass me the cholesterol..." Before she can finish her sentence, the child splashed his cup of pepsi( luckily, it was just a baby cup, and I think he splashed it by accident.) towards her and say "Coleslaw larr!" The good thing was, my friend was kinda Gothic and her clothing was all black...or else. I can't stop laughing when I think about this: Firstly, how could a child be so aggressive? Turned out his mom just taught him the name of the food and when he heard what my friend said, he thought my friend was not listening to his mom...=.= Secondly, I just sat beside my friend, so if the child was mata sepek, the victim would be me...and I wore a completely white shirt... try thinking of the consequences yourself^^+++++++++++++++
Yes, before I forget, I wanted to upload a video of Chong Jin Rui singing "I'm Yours" while playing his guitar but my computer hang. Such a bummer... Lady Luck is on JR's side today..."THE WORLD IS NOT FAIR" by L.E.G (CLB).

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