Saturday, February 20, 2010


I went to Yee Min's house today. Her mom served Nasi Kelabu...a type of malay rice in Kelantan. It was a very special experience...We put almost 10 type of vegetables on our plates and mixed them together with some blue rice. We joked that maybe after eating it, we might transform into Avatar...of course, it didn't happen. ^^ It was very endearing to see some old friends again. We talked about almost everything a group of girls might talk about and something concerning the future and the past. Then we went to Yeemin's room to download PPStream and a musicbox. When I heard 一首歌的时间, I remembered something: One of my story is beased on this song. But before I can published it on the web, I need to record a song first...the worst part is..I can't sing!!! anyway, forget it.^^    We even watched a new episode of "I guess, I guess, I guess, guess, guess"(the name is so long~) And I, yeemin and Hazel agreed on something: We dislike girls who purposely pretend to have a "doll voice"(娃娃音)coz it's so unreal. We actually have some friends who have this kinda bad habit. My question for them is : Why talking with high pitch/ Why octave higher? Use your natural voice, girl! Cease being a doll and start being a real people. I don't think that sounds cute, at all.

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