Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Autumn in my heart

In my opinion, autumn is the most beautiful season. Before I came to Russia to pursue further studies, I used to think that perhaps Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. Imagine my disappointment when I first found out that true Spring just last about 2 weeks and all those flowers that make spring “Spring” withers away under the summerish scorching sun. Yes, it’s still spring as shown on the calendar, but unfortunately not in real life.

Autumn is always the perfect time to snap some photos. It’s a must do for students like us studying abroad. I love the weather: not too cold, not too hot. It’s always just right to scroll to the park right after class.

What I’ll always do is, searching for the perfect leaf to be my next bookmark. I’ve always been a nerd. Bonus is, I’ve always been a nerd, with a sense of art. Thank God for that.

Photo session in Chekistov Park after Pharmacology class. Photo credits to Amber Liew.
We don’t always have time for all these, it’s always important to create memories.

The Mamaef Kurgan hill never fail us when it comes to Autumn photo shooting. Golden and red leaves perfectly reflect Autumn.  

       And the best thing about outings and photo shooting? I would say it’s the golden time I get to spend with the people who care about me and I care about. The most important necessaries for overseas students is friends. Not just “friend”, but “true” friend. Some discovers them with ease but some only after a storm. Just like the Jewels in a treasure hunt: no pain no gain.   

Love this vintage feel.

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