Saturday, June 28, 2014

Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has the reputation of being the World largest shopping mall based on total area. 
Several interesting part to cover:

    The Golden Souk.

    Fashion Avenue.

    The waterfall.

    The Village.

    Olympic size skating rink. 

    At the Top @ Burj Khalifa.

 Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo
Interesting fact: In Feb 2010, a leak in the aquarium caused a partial evacuation and emergency shutdown of a part of the mall affected. The mall reopened the next day.

The Dubai Mall Guide: comes in handy if you are lost in the World Largest Mall. There are a lot of information centre where you can ask for directions too! So, fear not!

Candies are the best souviners to take home if you have a family with sweet-tooth. If Arabian sweets cant satisfy your Candy-lust, search for “Candylicious” in the mall. It is reported that the world largest candy store, and there, you can enjoy your Candy-hunting.

There is so many things to explore in Dubai Mall and I totally can’t stop my happy feet. The only thing that made me stand still, is this: Ice cream! “Blood Orange”, the name attracted me the most and I dig in, before melting under the Dubai sun. 

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