Wednesday, August 6, 2014

United States VISA interview appointment : What to expect?

First of all, check your documents. Do you have them all with you?
1. Passports, the most recent one and old ones, especially if you had a US visa 
2. Appointment conformation page
3. DS-160 form conformation page 
4. A recent 50x50 white background photo (bring 2 just in case) 
5. Supporting documents 
-To prove that you can afford the trip, bank book/ bank statement/ fix deposit slip
-To prove that you won't stay in US illegally after your trip, your employment letter/ letter from your university/ family photo may help too.

376 Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
    Image taken from Google Image.

When you reach the embassy, there will be 2 lines in front of you. Join in the line near to the highway to get your visitor pass into the Embassy. You need to give them your Identification card (IC) in exchange of the pass. Then, join the line against the wall for sercurity check. 

1. Take a taxi to reach the embassy. 
The nearest LRT station would be ampang park and the Embassy is 10-15 minute walk away. Private vehicle is not a good choice too as there is no parking lot nearby for you to park your park.
2. Book the earliest slot for your appointment and reach earlier.
It gets very hot in Kuala Lumpur especially next to a busy road like Jalan Tun Razak. 
3. Formal wear
Americans do appreciate Formal wear for interview, and it shows that YOU CARE.
4. Double check your documents. 

1. Bring someone along
Only those with an appointment letter are allowed into the Embassy compound. Those without will have to wait outside the wall of the Embassy. 
2. Bring a bag pack
Big bags are not allowed into the embassy. Same goes to all digital electrical appliances : cellphone, camera etc. 
just bring your documents fail, and that's sufficient. 

Once you step inside the Building, a guard will guide you.
Get your number by pressing A (refer to your appointment letter) on the machine, and you will be given a green paper. Patiently wait for your turn in the waiting hall to the right. 

When your number is called , walk towards the counter in the hall to the left.
At the first counter, you will be asked to hand over your passport, photograph, appointment letter and your DS-160 form conformation page.
At the second counter, ink free digital scans of all your fingers will be taken, left and right.
At the last one, you will be interviewed by a consular officer. Don't worry, just be honest. 
The question I answered to :
1. About my studies: 
Where are you studying? Which course? Which year?
2. About my travel partners
Are you traveling alone? Who will be traveling with you?
3. About my friends in the United States:
Who are they? How do you get to know them?
4. About my financial status:
Who will pay for your trip? From where do you get the money?

And there, they will decide whether or not you can receive a non immigrant visa. If your visa application is approved, you will know it on the spot. Mine was approved right away and I received my passport with a 10 year multiple entry Visa in it by Amerax courier 1 days after I received a text message saying my documents are ready to be delivered. Talk about efficiency. 

You can choose to have your documents send it to you by courier, or pick them up yourself from a selected location. You can still change your addresses and pick up location before midnight on the day of your interview, but NOT AFTER THAT. 

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