Sunday, June 21, 2015

1 week in Tokyo - Day 3: DisneySea!!!!!

We checked weather forecast before departing. It was a rainy day, and we were thinking should we change to other day. Fortunately, we kept our plan. Even though we still need to queue for some attractions, there were a lot of attraction which we didn’t have to queue.

As soon as we reached, we bought hairbands at the entrance, which we regretted later when we found mickey ear hair pins were cheaper and cuter. Lesson 3: No Impulse Buying. Moreover, since we had to took them off when watching a show or taking a ride, the hairbands ended up lying in our bags after taking the off few times. Last Christmas, I ate smoked turkey leg in Disneyland, and this time, I ate smoked chicken leg in Disney Sea. I preferred chicken XD
1200JPY each hairband Q.Q

Oishii chicken leg
We watched many shows in Disney Sea and this show is called “A Table is Waiting”, which they choreographed the dance according to food.

Disney Sea is divided to 7 areas: Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Arabian, Coast, Mermaid Lagoon and Mysterious Island. You may find the explanations and picture of these at Official Website, but I will just write on them.

Mediterranean Harbor, 3 Attractions:

  •  DisneySea Transit Steamer Line (closed for renovation)
  • Venetian Gondolas (a ride through romantic canals. I didn’t take for not interested in this)
  •  Fortress Explorations (Didn’t try because there will be separate fee for some activities)
American Waterfront, 6 Attractions, 2 Entertainment Venues:

  • Tower of Terror (an accelerated drop tower dark ride. I didn’t ride. You may find video of it on Youtube)
  • Toy Story Mania! (This was Fun! It is a 3D shooting game)
  • Big City Vehicles (Didn’t ride, just a ride around American Waterfront by classic vehicle)
  • DisneySea Electric Railway (an elevated electric trolley to Port Discovery. I took this from Port Discovery.)
  • Turtle Talk (Well, you can chat with Crush, the sea turtle, at the undersea observatory, in JAPANESE)
  • DesneySea Transit Steamer Line (closed for renovation)
  • Broadway Music Theatre (Big Band Beat, a 30-min swing jazz live performance by band and Disney Characters)
  • Dockside Stage (A Table is Waiting, a 30-min humorous performance about world tasty treats)
Port Discovery, 3 Attractions:

  • StormRider (an experience in a mission to eliminate a powerful storm, beware the ceiling XD)
  • Aquatopia (a watercraft for whirling ride with unexpected turns, a bit shaky when going back to the dock)
  • DisneySea Electric Railway (I took this to American Waterfront. What a Relief! I didn’t have to walk there)
Lost River Delta, 3 Attractions, 1 Entertainment Venue:

  • Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (A high-speed ride, you will be shocked at the last part and you may find how ridiculous your look is after coming out to photo booth)
  • Raging Spirits (a roller coaster with 360-degree loop)
  • DisneySea Transit Steamer Line (closed for renovation)
  • Hangar Stage (closed for renovations)
Arabian Coast, 4 Attractions:

  • Jasmine’s Flying Carpets (a Dumbo-style spinner, with accessible balcony beside it)
  • Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage (We enjoyed this sail, hope you will too. Look out for the cute Chandu every scene)
  • The Magic Lamp Theater (a 4D show, I enjoyed this, but it will be better if you know Japanese)
  • Caravan Carousel (2-level merry-go-round, I couldn’t grab a Genie seat T^T)
Mermaid Lagoon, 7 Attractions:

  • Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster (missed this out >.< it is a ride over a tide pool)
  • Scuttle’s Scooters (I love this and ride twice. It was like a cradle, felt like sleeping on it)
  • Mermaid Lagoon Theater (“King Triton’s Concert” show was AWESOME!!! It was a splendid musical show!)
  • Jumpin’ Jellyfish (Float up and down by Jellyfish)
  • Blowfish Ballon Race (Didn’t ride too)
  • The Whirlpool (Spinning Cup, not interested)
  • Ariel’s Playground (Explore the caverns. I didn’t find any of Ariel’s treasures though)
  •  PS: c-g are inside the Triton’s Kingdom, while a-b are outside.
Mysterious Island, 2 Attractions:

  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (We love this and took this ride thrice XD the last part was freaking terrible)
  • 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Closed for Renovation T^T)

Reminder: Take FASTPASS for FASTPASS attraction and go to other attraction first. There is limited amount for every session. 

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