Sunday, June 21, 2015

1 week in Tokyo - Day 4: Tsukiji, Ginza, Tokyo Station, Ghibli Museum, Tokyo Daijingu (Grand Shrine)

We went to Tsukiji today, then only we know even a market has its off-day >.< (Lesson 1!!!) luckily there were still stalls opened for us, the tourists. We had tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette), unagi as well as scallop skewers, and sushi. Tamagoyaki and Skewers were just nice, but the sushi weren’t nice at all, even the 100yen sushi is better than that. (bad luck for going there on Closed Day)
The shops were closed T^T

Chef making Tamagoyaki 
Eating Skewers
Not tasty yet expensive sushi
Then we went to Ginza and took a photo at Kabukiza Tower.
Kabukiza Tower
Later, we went to Tokyo Station. After taking photos and sending postcards from Marunouchi Mall, we went for our lunch, Motomura Gyukatsu (Fried Beef Steak, 1200JPY). The Gyukatsu was so nice, it worthed the queue!
Tokyo Station

Motomura Gyukatsu (Slurp..)
Taking train to Mitaka Station, we took Ghibli shuttle bus to Ghibli Museum, was disappointed that the bus was not the Cat Bus in our imagination XD The Ghibli Museum was beautiful but we were not allowed to take photos INSIDE the museum >.< However, we were allowed to take photos at the balcony there with the robot in Laputa: the Castle in the Sky.
Shuttle Bus from Mitaka Station to Ghibli Museum

Totoro in Guard House XD
We planned to walk through the Inokashira Park, but gave up since we suffered from leg ache after DisneySea.
We went to Tokyo Daijingu (Grand Shrine) near Yasukuni Shrine (no, we didn’t visit Yasukuni Shrine). The shrine was still opened but the amulet store was closed. >.<
We were so exhausted and took our lunch at OOTOYA, a family-style restaurant, near the station. I strongly recommend Ootoya, for the food was delicious, in large portion and not exceeding 1000JPY in average.

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