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Chicago: Foodie edition, 10 food I must try in Chi-town

You should be able to tell by now: I am a foodie,  a fairly serious one. I always think that during travels, one should never starve or rely on cup noodles brought from home-countries. For me, the true essence of travelling, is to understand the culture of a new place and one of the best way to do it is through local cuisine. Don't worry, those food I included in the list are budget friendly (I am on budget too! Cheers!)

1. Deep Dish Pizza

Do I even have to tell you this? Chicago is famous for its Chicago style pizza. Greasy, gooey and messy? Yes but that should not stop you from stuffing yourself with it. Forget about cholesterol and just eat! Diet plans can wait!
Favorite: All cheese
Where to eat: Giordano’s , Gino’s, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
Price: Start from $15 (serve 2)

2. Doughnuts

image from tumblr
image from yelp!
A tiny tiny donut place that send people queuing up around the block.
Grab one “Largest doughnuts” early in the morning to share with your friends! And when I say early, I mean EARLY, capital letters! Once they sell out, they close the shop.
Yum Flavour: Peanut butter jelly
Where to try: Doughnut Vault
Price: start from $2.50 (serve 2)

3. Popcorn

courtesy of Garrett's

Well known for its “Chicago mix” popcorn since 1949, a combination of sweet caramel and salty cheese.
Yum flavor: Garrett’s/ Chicago mix
Where to eat: Garrett's Popcorn
Price: start from $5

4. Lunch with a view

Located in the John Hancock Center, this restaurant feed your eyes with the “Signature” view of Chicago skyline.
Where to eat: Signature Lounge/ Signature Room
Price:depend on what you order.

5. Polish sausages 

image from yelp!
Sweet smoked polish sausage plus grilled onion, covered with mustard,served with a free bag of fries, who would say no to this good deal?
Note:  Jim's Original had been serving their “original Maxwell street polish sausage” since 1939.
Where to eat: Jim's Original Hot dog or Kurowski Sausage shop
Price: start from $3.50

6. More pizza: Thin crust and stuffed pizza
If you can’t convince yourself to turn your back on diet plans, perhaps you should at least try smething else on the menu. The Chicago thin crust has a square cracker-like base. Delicious, but not as exciting as the deep dish.
If you say no to deep dish, then don’t even bother to look at Stuffed pizza (a deeper dish with more toppings).
Where to eat: Bella Bacino's , Giordano's, Gino's.
Price: start from $12 (serve 2)

7. Chicago-style hot dog 

courtesy of Portillo's
There is a reason why the Chicago hot dog is called the king of all hot dogs.  Vienna beef+ poppy-seed bun+ diced tomatoes +pickle spear+ chili peppers… Note that Ketchup is the enemy of Chicago-style hotdogs! Slap yourself for eating one with ketchup.
Where to eat: Portillo’s Hot Dogs
Note: Always expect a line. Line up depending on what you are ordering(don’t be confused with the multiple lines).
Price: start from $2.49

8. Italian Beef Sandwich
Before you go to the counter, decide: Hot or sweet? Dipped or not? The "sweet" peppers are sautéed bell peppers, while the hot sandwich will be loaded with Chicago giardiniera. If you dine in, then try a sloppy dipped sandwich (your whole/half sandwich will be dipped in the sauce)!
Try: Hot dipped Sandwich
Where to eat:  Portillo’s Hot Dogs or Al’s Italian Beef.
Price: start from $4

9. Rainbow Cone tower
** Temporary close, reopen in March 2016.
Dating back to 1926, Located in the Beverly neighbourhood, the Original Rainbow Cone had been serving its signature rainbow cone tower:  orange sherbet, pistachio, New York vanilla with cherries and walnuts, strawberry and chocolate.
Where to eat: Original Rainbow cone
Price: start from $3.99

10. Pies
The Hoosier Mama is busy all day long, the smell is just irresistible, the sight of their wide range of pies make you want to give up dieting and be fat and happy forever.
Try: Chicken pot pie, espresso pie, peanut butter pie
Where to eat: Hoosier Mama pie company
Price: start from $5
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This post is based solely on my opinion or personal experience.

Now I must say, this list is far from complete, 
help me expand it by suggesting more must eats in Chicago!

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