Sunday, November 29, 2015

Boston: 1 day in Boston

She said I think I'll go to Boston...I think I'll start a new life,I think I'll start it over, where no one knows my name,
                                                                     - Boston, Augustana

Freedom Trail

The Freedom Trail is a 2.5-mile route that helps you discover the rich history of the American Revolution. It doesn't require any planning at all as there is a red-line on the ground that leads you to all important historical sites.  
There are 3 ways to do the Freedom Trail:
1. Reserve a guided tour. The tour will depart from the Boston Common.
2. Self guided tour following a map (you can skip anything in between stops that you found interesting)
3. Download an audio tour and follow the red line "Freedom Trail".

China Town

This was the first Chinatown I visited after nearly 6 weeks of travels. I've seen and heard a lot of high reviews of Boston Chinatown, so decided to check it out. One word to describe this place: delicious! The heavenly smell of Chinese pastries, baked bao, roasted pork, braised duck.... It was everywhere! A great place for a cheap and delicious meal! Recommendation: Lian Zi Bao

Patriot place

For the rest of the day, we decided to spent it at Patriot place. We took a train there, it is a convenient ride. Located in Foxborough, Massachusetts, the Patriot place is a shopping arena built around Gillette Stadium.

Highlight: Gillette Stadium, Hall of Fame, Massachusetts Lobster Meal @ Skipjack's
During our visit, there were 2 games going on (in fact, 2 back to back! ). There are booths giving out free sparkling juice and New England Patriots + Revolution merchandise. I had a cup of sparkling juice and absolutely loved it. I made my way to the booth to tell them how I love their drink and guess what: They decided to give me 2 big bottles for FREE. I was stunned, completely!

Meal at Skipjack's. Besides the Lobster meal, the 3 sliders
(lobster, crab cake and fish) was just as great!
People started pouring in since 5pm. We failed to realized that and later found out that we couldn't even get a cab to Warpole station! A kind police men sent us to the station after finding out our predicament. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Advice: check the Gillette stadium calendar.

Couldn't help it.
This station was deserted when we were there.

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