Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Georgia: 1 day in Athens

Simple and laid back. This is Athens in my humble opinion.
Athens is a charming college town housing the university of Georgia. Frankly speaking, I did not know where was I going, but it certainly did not stop me from falling in love with the simplicity of this town. Plus, people are super duper friendly.

The Welcome Center 

This was my first stop where I obtained  brochures, maps and expert advice. Plus, the building itself was interesting, almost looked like it was out of a children book, and it is free to wander.

The Grill

I would have missed it if te friendly girl at the welcome center didn't mention it. The atmosphere was old-school enough and the food-- just the way I like it.

The "Tree That Owns Itself" 

This is a local landmark located at the corner of South Finley and Dearing Streets. The white oak tree called "Jackson" is the "son" of the original tree (fell in 1942), who has legal ownership of itself and the land within 2.4 m of its base.


The University of Georgia Campus Arboretum
A barreled cannons from the American Civil War.
A farmer's market

I was super upset for I didn't get to try southern cuisines at Mama's Boy, highly recommended by locals. It was closed for a day, and it HAD to be during my visit :( :( :(

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