Friday, November 27, 2015

Pennsylvania: 1 day in Philly

Basically my plan for Philadelphia: no plan.
I only have 2 Musts on my list: 1. Must try a philly cheese steak. 2. Liberty Bell. We had a lot of "blank spaces", getting ready to be filled up by any worthwhile stops we'd come across.  

From the union station, we took a city bus to the very end of Chestnut Street and start walking around on foot. There are a few free museum to visit around the bus stop, so we checked out a few. These are the highlights:

Spruce Street Harbor Park


We stumbled across this charming park after checking out Penn's Landing and Korean Memorial park. Just a short walk from the memorial, SSHP is a seasonal park nestled right on the Delaware River (during warm months). The park is one-of-a-kind: there are some cargo-container-refurbished Food trucks lining along the boardwalk, arcades, hammocks and giant-size board games, definitely a great outing destination for families! After sunset, all the trees are lit with decorative lights. You can also step into a decommissioned submarine, or have a drink in a ship!
The "Food Trucks".

Magic garden

After a rejuvenating rest-stop at the SSHP, we found this hidden gem in an attempt to walk back to the city center. You don't have to be an art person to be inspired by this unusual, magical garden. This brain-cells-stimulating place is where ideas and creativity gather and get turned into mind-blowing art pieces. Mosaics are everywhere but they are not just any mosaic... they are made up sparkly... JUNK!

Independence Hall

I was shocked to see a long long queue outside the entrance. This attraction is free, and the Park Rangers did a good job explaining this highly interesting piece of American History. You can either reserve tickets online for $1.50 to join the tour or walk in free. Expect a line, and you have to go through a security check. The House and Senate is located in the building next door.

Reading Market

This is the place to go for a delicious meal. With the wide array of food on offer, it is hard not to find at least 5 dish you'd like to stuff into your mouth. However, this market is too crowded, and there isn't enough seating during lunch time. Recommendations: Amish- donuts, apple dumplings; Camen's - philly cheese steak.

Grab a famous philly cheese steak!

The double. Courtesy to Steve's Prince of Steak.
I had mine: American, with! *wink* Sure there are better places to have one, but I did not want to make a detour. Can't feel my legs after days of walking.

street art along the way

Rittenhouse Square

A glorious open-space park to end our day! Simply lie on the lawn watching sunset, listening to Bach is the best feeling ever. Also, its an amazing place for people watching as locals like to walk their dogs and bike here. There are also street performances going on in the square.

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