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image from Japan Crepe facebook page.
image from Snata Monica facebook page.
If you ever find yourself in Harajuku, never leave “crepe” out of your must-do list. In fact, get a “Harajuku ice cream crepe” for your daily dose of Happiness
Harajuku crepes is one of my favourite thing in Japan. The excitement for this is overwhelming. The forever energetic “Harajuku” is the center of youth culture.During my visit, there were people dressing up in Lolita along Takeshita Street and the bridge between Harajuku and the Meiji Shrine. A Harajuku crepe is the perfect companion for your morning walk in there buzzy hormone-pumped neighbourhood, people-watching.

My recommendation: Ice cream Crepe of ANY flavour!
image from santa monica facebook page.
Harajuku Crêpes are made upon order. There are so many topings and flavors available, you will be spoiled with choices. You could even top your crepe with savouries including tuna, pork and curry (SAY WHAT?!). I even saw a foodie topping hers with a whole slice of tiramisu, and yes, it gets crazier and crazier!
Location: There are a lot of Crepe stalls around in Harajuku, find one that makes your taste buds screaming for more!

Price: 350 yen and above.

Claiming to be the pioneer of the epidemic “Harajuku crepe”, this stall first opened in 1976 in Takeshita Street, and Soon enough, “youngsters walking with a crepe in their hands” had become a scene that symbolizes the street.

Recommendation: Azuki Strawberry Special / their Seasonal specials

image: Marion website

2.   Café Crêpe: (Takeshita Street) Angels Heart, (Laforet Harajuku shop) Strawberry House
Founded in 1977, café crepe is one of the oldest crepe stall in Harajuku. There are 2 branches of Café Crepe stall: one is located on Takeshita Street just across from Marion Crêpes. (Angels Heart), and another one better known as Strawberry house.
image: Cafe Crepe website
3.   Santa Monica Crêpes click here to read more (location, review)
There are over 100 choices, however, the “crêpe brûlée” line stands out to become the specialty of Santa Monica Creperie. Just look at the beautifully caramelized toppings!
image: Santa monica website

Sweet Box  click here to read more (location, review)

“Crepes are a casual treat. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere.”
I would recommend the Cake crepe (Yes they put a whole slice in!) 
Gluten free folks, stop feeling like an outcast when everyone is talking about Harajuku crepe! There is a Crepe stall just for you! Japan Crepe is a newly opened café style creperie and they only make gluten-free crepes using 100 % organic local rice " Mineasahi ".
image; Japan crepe facebook page
6.   31 Flavors by Baskin Robbins  
      click here to read more (location, review)
Also located on the Takeshita Street, Baskin Robbins surely knows quite something about making people happy.
Recommended flavor: Personally, I am fond of the Matcha and Oreo Ice cream Premium. 
image: Baskin Robin's website
Kind reminder: DO NOT LEAVE Harajuku WITHOUT Crepes!

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