Friday, October 23, 2015


1. Mochi Ice Cream
Mochi Cream website

A brave and successful modernization of the traditional Glutinous rice dessert it is! A touch of ice cream as filling will definitely makes you fell in love with Mochi. Matcha and Sakura flavor are my favorites so far, thus, my recommendation to you.

2. Ice Cream Roll Cake
Moncher website

You would not look at classic Swiss rolls the same way anymore after you get your hands on this, I guarantee!

3. Supersize Soft Ice cream
(Photo credit: Jessica Korteman)

Unicorn and rainbow goes in pair, now you can be the Unicorn’s BFF! Look at the size of this ice cream, this gigantic tower of rainbow strengthens friendships (IF you are sharing… if you are not, never mind me.)

4. Harajuku Crepe Ice
Japan Crepe facebook page

If you ever find yourself in Harajuku, never leave “crepe” out of your must-do list. In fact, get a “Harajuku ice cream crepe” for your daily dose of Happiness!

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