Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Irina Sweet Shop, Tokyo

 Colourful, cute, exquisite, delicious…. With a mission to bring smiles onto their customers’ face, Irina sweet shop certainly done it well. At an affordable price, Irina offers a variety of mini-roll cake, filled with high quality whipped cream.

There are 25 types of roll cake pastry available, spoiling you with choices!

Irina cake roll tower makes a perfect surprise gift for your loved one. Cake roll tower is available from 3 layers up to 7 layers, your call!

Towers with 4 layers and above can be ordered online. It will be delivered to you in a box with a assembly kit teaching you to assemble your own Irina cake roll tower.  

Even if cake rolls are not your cup of tea, there are a lot of other choices waiting to satisfy your sweet tooth! Cute macaroons, tarts (Cheese, apple, pear and many more), and freshly- baked cakes…. You name it, they’ll have it.

Mini cake rolls : 270 yen per roll (tax included)
                             2 for 518 Yen
Cake rolls tower (starting from 3 layer)    From 3,132 Yen (tax included)

Address: 大森北3-37-3, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan 143-0016
Other Locations:
irina Roppongi delivery shop
irina The Diamond Store (Yokohama)
irina Jiyugaoka Suites Forest shop
irina Futakotamagawa Tokyu Food Show store
irina Printemps Ginza store
irina Lazona Kawasaki Plaza store "10/2 OPEN"

All image above taken from Irina website and official facebook page.
Start Date: Opened in 2009
Opening Hours:  (Mon-Fri)           10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Phone: 03-4570-3365

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