Friday, October 9, 2015

Japan: Sweet Box, Harajuku

“Crepes are a casual treat. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere.”

There are only Vanila and chocolate flavor gelato to choice from if you op for an ice cream crepe. However, there are a lot other flavors and style to try in Sweet Box,so instead of an usual ice cream crepe, I would recommend the Cake crepe (Yes they put a whole slice in!)

Location: There are 2 shops in Harajuku and they are not far from each other. The second shop is newly opened in October 2015.

SWEET BOX 1 shop
Direction: Just outside of Harajuku Station, immediately at the right. Entrance to Takeshita Street, just opposite of McDonald's , and next to the NOA CAFE ♪
business hours: ( Weekday )  11: 00 am - 10:30 pm
                           ( Weekends) 10: 30 am  - 10:30 pm
Opens 7 days a week.

SWEET BOX 2 shop
Direction: at the entrance to Takeshita Street, just opposite Daiso. 
I heard that dining tables will soon be installed.
business hours:  10: 00am - 10:30 pm
Opens seven days a week

Website: Sweetbox 

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Anonymous said...

I find really interesting and even fascinating this culture, like almost everything about Harajuku fashion and style and the Japanese culture, it is just amasing!