Thursday, December 24, 2015

Korea (Originated in Japan): Crystal Water Droplet Rice Cake

Is this just a clear drop of water? No, listen to me, you’ve got to see it to believe it—hands down the most unique dessert I’ve encounter! It’s called the “mizu shingen mochi”, originally created in Japan. Unfortunately during my last trip to Japan, I did not have a clue about it’s existence. Therefore, I oath to try it in Korea instead.

The dish is a variation of Shigen Mochi, which is made from gyuhi. However, this crystal clear form is said to be solidified water from the Southern Japanese.

This transparent dessert is delightfully soft. It was served with brown sugar syrup and kinako soybean powder. The texture was jelly-like, very soft and silky. I was warned to eat it quickly for the fleeting cake will disintegrate in 30 minutes time. I think the cake turned into water in my mouth, It felt so weird yet refreshing and cool. The “water cake” itself was quite tasteless… or was it because my tongue was numb after all those dessert? I am not sure, but according to my experience, the kinako bean powder was the best part as it added to the texture of the dish.

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Will I recommend it?
Well…. Yea, but do it for the experience, not for the taste. It is worth trying for the novelty, but it is really not as sensational as people have been raving about on social media.

Myeong-dong Street. After 6pm. (It is a street food)
Price:  3,500 W

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