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Day 3: South of Manhattan

Savings today with the New York Pass: $67

8am- 12pm
Statue of Liberty ($18, Free with a NYP)
While you can get close to the Statue of Liberty by hoping onto the free Staten Island ferry, I do not want to JUST get close, I want to be ON the Liberty Island, and so be it. The statue guarding New York City, the symbol of freedom in the USA, is actually a gift of friendship from the people of French. If you wish to ascend to the crown, book tickets at least 6 months in advance (Yes, I am not kidding). There are also security checks before boarding the Ferry so do not bring sharp objects.

Ellis Island
Being the former immigration center, the Ellis Island tells the story of Immigrants. You can even search up a relative/ancestor on a genealogy database if you have the full name, date of travel, etc...

Battery Park
After hoping off the ferry from Liberty Island, the battery park is well worth your time too!

1pm- 11 pm

The Reflecting pool and 911 Memorial ($28, Free with a NYP)
The tune suddenly turned sorrow when I first caught glimpse of the reflecting pool from afar. Exploring the ground where the Twin Tower once stood proud was a moving experience. The museum holds the remains of the Twin Towers, telling the stories of that awful incident. Prepare some tissue, you WILL need it.

911 Gallery ($22, Free with a NYP)
Located just across the street from the 911 memorial,  this little gallery gives more insights to the attack: How people reacted to it, emotional letters from those who lost their loved ones and words from those who survived to tell the story. There are tissue boxes in certain corners, and when I was there, I saw 2 elderly hugging and crying near the sitting area. I left heavy-heartedly.

Wall Street Finance Museum ($8, Free with a NYP)
The famous Wall Street is a short walk from the 911 memorial. There are free museum tours at certain times, providing good infos about the history of American currency, Stock Market and the story of Sir Alenxander Hamilton. The monopoly game with diamonds is simply unbelievable!

Charging Bull
There is usually a crowd at this Must-Photo sculpture. It’s fun to see people taking turn to cup the bull’s testicles. During my visit, there was a Spanish tour group around and there was this Spanish guy who kept waving the flag at the bull hoping that the bull will “Charge” him. That was hilarious and they really made my day! Sure you can have the bull all to yourself if you visit early in the morning, but you will miss all the fun!

Water taxi ($31, Free with a NYP)
It was 5pm when I am finally done with Wall Street. I hoped on the Water taxi to Dumbo. I am so happy I did. From Dumbo, I got a great view of Manhattan, a lot of great photo ops on the water taxi too, it gets really close to the Statue of Liberty. It also went to the birth place of Captain America, a good news to all Marvel Fans.


What a great outing! The view of Manhattan from the waterfront was spectacular. I love the cobbled street, the nice buzz around and the Shake Shack burger a stone throw away from the waterfront! Love the vibes!

Back to Manhattan
There are free Shuttle outside the port along Hudson River to mid-Manhattan so be sure to look around! I boarded the shuttle that dropped me off near Maddison Garden, and so I explore that area a bit. The highlight of the area was probably the Grand Central Terminal.
Check out their impressive architecture (be sure to look up at the ceiling)! It cost you nothing without taking a tour.

Macy’s (discount with a NYP)
It is the biggest Macy’s complex in the country so launch your shopping spree here. I got a nice dress (the one I wore to Empire State Building) from Macy, with a 80% discount, $6. It was a steal!

Coney Island (Free with a NYP)
I was in the mood to have some themepark fun (Luna Park is open at night) so I drag my brother all the way to Coney Island just to found out that it was closed. Awww. What a bummer. Fine, we walked around and found a hotdog shop the “Nathan’s” which start the tradition of hotdog eating competition! What a good find!

Day 4: Exercise 

I was up for the exercise of the day!
Savings of today with a New York Pass: $69

9am- 7pm
Brooklyn bike ride ($45, Free with a NYP)
I rent my bike from Blazing Saddles Bike Rental and Tours, a really good company with very accommodating staffs. Complete with a bag pack, a map and a helmet for safety, you are good to go. A tough ride up the bridge but it was electrifying riding down (although some tourist kept getting into my way in the bike lane). The Brooklyn Bridge is a signature landmark of New York and biking underneath its massive tower made me feel like I was in a movie. I went back to Manhattan by the less crowded (almost empty) Manhattan Bridge and searched China Town for some good food. Small area, huge flavor, good value! I was craving for something Oriental food and I got it there.

It was a bad experience when we hired a taxi back to mid-Manhattan to board the “RIDE” (a new bus tour in the city). Our taxi got caught in traffic and we missed it. The taxi eventually bought us back to where we came from, giving us a private “RIDE”. It was still a good day.

SOHO, Little Italy
Before returning the bike, we went for some shopping in SOHO and Little Italy. The view from the roads are fine and it was really crowded. Biking with all the cars around this area is no joke.

Discovery Time Square ($27, Free with NYP)
After we return our bike, we took a subway back to mid-Manhattan. For me, the Discovery time square is a must-see. Why? Body Works!

Madame Tussauds ($37, Free with NYP)
I’ve been to Madame Tussauds in London. Comparing the two, Madame tussaude in London is larger but the charge in New York is more reasonable. The room with the New York theme was a lot of fun.

Buca di Beppo (save $10 with NYP)
When it was time for dinner again, we went back to Broadway. Located 1 level below Hollywood Planet is a good Italian Restaurant serving good HUGE Pizzas. Again, this is when I LOVE my New York Pass the most.

By the time we finish dinner and chitchatting, it was already 12am so we went straight to the JFK airport. New York, you will be missed!

As you can see, I did quite a lot within a day. This is my style of travel, particularly during my first visit somewhere special. I do my homework and usually am pretty precise in time management (although "accidents" do happen, sometimes). If you are a laid back person, give a pass at the pass.

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