Tuesday, January 5, 2016

8 baby steps to Planing a Road Trip?

courtesy of thecanyon.com

Step 1: Know your preference

Do you prefer a scenic route, historical route or a gourmet route?

Step 2: List down the road trips that caught your attention.

At the same time, list down what you want to see on this trip and what is holding you back. This is crucial, as it helps you make a better decision.

Step 3: Choose one road trip and plan out the details.

What are the must-sees, any other worthy pull-off, longest driving hours, overnight stops, nice/unique restaurant/deli/diner on the way

Step 4: Choose your travel buddies

meet my travel buddies for 2 weeks.
Let me rephrase: meet my travel buddies for 2 best weeks of my travels.
Couldn't ask for a better company.

Well this is the toughest part, believe me.
You can do this at the very start and then you get everyone to plan the trip together. I personally prefer to do it at the end. I think it is always the best to have a solid plan before approaching people.

Imagine this conversation:
"Hey are you up for a road trip?"
"depends on where we are going."
"I have no idea too."
End of conversation, and nothing is going to happen.

Step 5: Distribution of labor

After you found your travel buddies, it is time to distribute the work. Who is gonna drive? Who will be the DJ? Who is be the one booking accommodation? Who will study the map or be the GPS of the group? Download some useful road trip apps for a more organized planning.

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Step 6: Know where you are venturing into

Check online about the local culture: religion, legal drinking-age, hand signs and body languages that might seems normal to you but rude to them, dress codes. Be respectful.

Step 7: Preparation

Pack your stuff, prepare some medicine and pray that the customs won't mess with my stuff because I am no drug-smuggler, you are ready to go.

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Step 8: Have Fun 

Spending time together, is fun. Fun and happiness can be found in little things, like uhhhh... spotting an old truck full of watermelons, eating melted trail mix (due to hot whether), having a polygamy beer or spotting a pink Jesus.
In case you are wondering, the conversation was about how short I am.

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