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Guide to Broadway Shows

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During my last visit to New York, I was keen on catching a Broadway show. I did my research, compared prices, weighted on my preference... I had it all figured out! However, the night before arrival I opened my Time Out NY App and found out that there is an outdoor movie screening in Bryant Park. Dilemma! Eventually I choose the free movie over Broadway... it was a hard decision to make, but fear not-- I will be back!

This is what you should do if Broadway show is your kind of entertainment:

Prior to arrival

1. Download TKTS app.
2. Know your preference, look into the description of various Broadway shows then ask yourself what would you like to see.
***If you don't care what you are watching as long as it's "Broadway", skip this step.  

  • Step 1: Classic, Play, Drama, Comedy, Musical? Which Category do you prefer?
  • Step 2: The tune of the show. Fun and light-hearted? or a show with deep emotions and slow-paced?
  • Step 3: If the price is a factor, compare.
  • Step 4: There are some very popular shows that you have to book tickets in advance. Chances are, these tickets will be sold out days before the shows and wouldn't make it into TKTS.

The brainstorm: I narrowed my search down to musical.
                             - While Lion King looks fabulous, its painful for me to fork out the money.
                             - Book of Mormon and Aladdin were on the top of my list but tickets have to be booked wayyyy ahead of time.  

My decision (according to preference): 1. Wicked
                                                                   2. An American in Paris
                                                                   3. Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder
                                                                   4. Les Miserable                

On that day: 

1. Check your TKTS app to know what's on discount.
2. Arrive early (afternoon) to line up at the TKTS booth in Times Square OR skip the long line by travelling to the one at South Street Seaport.
3. Enjoy your 20-50% off Broadway Show!

Additional comments: 

I heard off-Broadway shows are amazing as well. I included "39 Steps" and "Annie" in the list as my "Plan B", you know, just in case my initial Broadway plan didn't work out.

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