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New Orleans: FOODIE's bucket list and where to eat them.

New Orleans is perfect for Gastronomic trips, thanks to the mixture of influences on West-African foundation: French, German, Spanish, Latin American, Vietnam and so much more!

1. Beignets and Cafe au Lait
So what it is touristy? That's classic! "Beignets (pronounced "ben-yays") and Cafe au Lait" is perhaps the best breakfast/tea combination of all times! Deep fried square donut which is crunchy at the outside, gooey and soft in the inside, top with generous amount of powdered sugar.
Where to eat: Café du Monde

2. Swamp Animals
Some other food to add to your exotic food bucket list.
Try: Frog legs, goose fat fries, Alligator
Where to eat: French Market, The Delachaise

3. Boudin
Sausage in other word. For a flavor twist, try turtle boudin at Sac-A-Lait.
Where to eat: Cochon Butcher (classic), Sac-A-Lait (turtle)

4. Jambalaya
Jambalaya is a Louisiana-Creole dish under Spanish and French influence. It consists of meat and vegetables mixed with rice.
Where to eat:  Coop’s Place

5. Seafood 
NOLA is famous for its fresh and cheap seafood, fresh from the great Mississippi river, cooked various different styles.

Try: Raw oysters, Turtle, Softshell crab, Crawfish, Thin fried catfish, Crabcake
Where to eat: Drago’s (Raw oyster and crawfish), Commander’s Palace (Turtle soup), Mr. B's Bistro (Crabcakes)

6. Po-boys
This is a New Orleans take on classic sandwich, served on po-boy loaf (similar to French bread).
Where to eat: R & O’s (roasted beef), Domilise's (seafood), Guy's (fried shrimps)

7. Muffaletta 
Similar to a focaccia, plus some beautifully sliced meats, cheese and olive salad.
Where to eat: Central Grocery (They created Muffaletta back in 1906 on this very shop on Decatur Street)

8. Gumbo 
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Louisiana traditional soup originating in West-Africa. Try seafood gumbo and make your taste buds scream in delight!
Where to eat: Dooky Chase’s , Galatoire’s

9. Red beans and rice 
Traditionally in New Orleans Monday equal red beans and rice, they simply can't be treated separately. Find out why.
Where to eat: Ya Mama

10. Bananas Foster 
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The favorite local dessert. If you think Banana+ nutella is brilliant, try "Bananas+brown sugar + cinnamon+ butter+ rum+ vanilla ice cream+ flame". Everything you ever wanted to see on one plate.
Where to eat: Brennan’s 

11. Snow balls 
New Orleans variation of "snow cone" which is layered with sweetened condensed milk. Expect a line on sunny days.
Where to eat: Hansen’s Sno-Bliz

12. Soufflé potatoes 
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An air-puffed soft fried potato dish, traditionally French- Creole.
Where to eat: Arnaud’s

13. Pralines
New Orleans favorite candy made with brown sugar, cream, and pecans!
Where to eat: Loretta's.

14. Tabasco sauce
Do you know that this heavenly hot sauce is a creation of Louisiana? Grab one home if you love everything spicy!

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