Friday, January 8, 2016

Road Trip: 10 Must have FREE Road Trip apps

1. Road Trippers

This app is introduced to me by my well-travelled travel buddy, Matt during summer 2015. Good for organized plans, saving places to go and accessing guides. There’s also a column for you to leave some useful tips for future traveller. Since that, it is a keeper!

2. Waze

With multiple routes options, real-time traffic updates by drivers, and notifications about speed traps and police checks, I adore this community-based navigation app, especially ni cities or anywhere near town. However once I open it, the battery run flat real quick, so in other more “deserted” places, I’ll fall back to good old Google Maps.

3. Google Maps

Classic but not outdated, this is the easiest navigation app to use. I even use it when exploring cities on foot and bike. The best thing is the real-time public transport checker, you’ll need it in any cities and sometimes, more accurate than what locals tell you. (Well , I said sometimes.)

4. Hotel Tonight

This is a saver. Downloading “Hotel Tonight” is just like getting a vaccination. This frequently happens: You made a wrong turn, your plan for the day is messed up, you need somewhere to stay and you need it now. Sleeping in the cars sometimes “earns” you traffic tickets and you won’t want that to happen. This app allows you to find a last-minute place to crash. Hostel/Inn normally offers good discount for “tonight’s rate”. I’ve booked a room in Moscow for RM15 (about $3 ) in 2015.
Use the promo code MHAPPYFEET and get $25 free credit! Click here to download the app.

5. Roomer

It sucks when your plan is messed up. But instead of sulking at the corner, you should have a plan B. We all know that hostel/motels on the road ain’t cheap so it is a smart move booking in advance. But if plans come crashing down, “Roomer” have you covered. This app helps travelers sell their prepaid reservations to people who can actually use them. They get their discount rate and you get part of your money back. It is a win-win situation!

6. GasBuddy

Another great community app: because where everyone is on the road, we have 2 same goals: Find the cheapest gas, and the cleanest toilet (Yes, we have an app for that, too!). Never again road-tripping the Pacific Coastal Highway and forced to pay for gas which is more expensive than your meals for 3 days.

7. SitOrSquat

This is the bathroom app I told you just now. Choose “sit” for cleaner versions and when it comes to emergency, you’ll have to go for “squat”.

8. TVFoodMaps

When you’ve been eating camp food for a few days, surely you will be craving for something else. Something that look good on the plate. Better yet, some food that are featured on Food Network Shows! You are not gonna miss that when you are so close to one, do you? It is a MUST HAVE app for gourmet road-trippers!

9. Glympse  

This app helps parents or friends to keep track on you while you are focusing on the road. Nothing much, just to let them know you are alive, and to avoid replying to endless “Where are you now?”

10. Triposo

No internet access in the mountains. This app puts offline maps, travel guides and other useful information onto your smartphones so you can access them even in Dead Valley National Park!

Now, you are ready to go!

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This post is based solely on my personal experience. 
If you have a useful road trip app to share too, feel free to do it by commenting below!


Ming said...

Personally use waze more than google. @.@

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Nice !!
I read starting from your blog. its very interesting and very informative. Thanks for sharing information