Friday, January 15, 2016

Road Trip: 6 Awesome ways to move around the Zion National Park


1. Horseback/Mule Riding

Available March through October, a Cowboy-guided horseback ride is for those who want to relax while venture into the canyon. This Tour can be from a half an hour to half a day, your call!

2. Zion Shuttle

If you only have one day and you got tired of driving, you will be so glad to know there is a shuttle in Zion National Park. Not only it stops at nine locations in the park, the transfer is totally FREE OF CHARGE.

3. Scenic Drive

Credit to the gorgeous Jessica Desrosiers
The think to do if you only have one day. Even if you are not in a rush, the The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive offers the best introduction. Driving Utah 9 highway, you will pass through the famous Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel, the Checkerboard Mesa view point and many more.

4. Biking

During the summer, biking is a fun family-oriented way to explore the national park. Bicycles are available for rent in Springdale.

5. Hiking

The angel's landing is undoubtedly (my opinion) the most exciting hike in Zion National Park. However, if you are afraid of hike, there are a lot of milder hikes too! Include the visitor centers as your first stop to find out more! For photography buff, a photography-hiking trip is highly recommended.

6. Off-trail Hiking
This is not for the fainted-heart, and exploration without a permit is prohibited. Expect some ropes climbing, swimming and going through slots... in short, expect some Indiana-Jones adventures.

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Ming said...

Is the mule ride scary? In Grand Canyon they will go to the edge...