Sunday, January 24, 2016

Road Trip: Bonneville Salt Flat, Utah

This remnant of Pleistocene Lake Bonneville is the next best thing after Uyuni de Salar! We arrived at this magical marshmallow heaven after about 2 hours drive Taking the I-80 highway from Salt Lake City. It reminded me of Pamukkale in Turkey, except for here, it is FLAT!

photo credits to Matt 
This is a public land managed by the Bureau of Land Management , so a visit to this salt flat is Free Of Charge.

If you've seen car commercials in the US, you probably will recognize this chalk white background. One really cool thing to do, is to drive on the salt flat and shoot your own car-commercial! YES, you can! It may seems unbelievable at first but once you get on the salt flat, just drive like you are a professional car-racer! In fact, this salt flat does indeed host international car-race! Before you leave, stop at the Salt Flat Cafe for a decent Mexican meal!

For those who wish to watch the race, visit the Bonneville Salt Flat during September when it hosts the “World of Speed.” !

Friendly advice:

- Wear a sunglasses. The chalk-white salt flat reflects light and during a bright day, it is almost blinding!
- Taste the salt if you do not believe this miles of white is a "SALT" flat. (I was just posing for photo.)
- There is a water spigot by the Bonneville Salt Flats sign, so rinse your feet before getting on the car again, if you don't want your car to reek of salt!

photo credits to Matt Fonceca

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