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San Francisco: Best spot to view the Golden Gate Bridge

You are here in San Francisco, looking out to the ocean and the famous bridge featured in so many Blockbuster Movies. It is always the first bridge to collapse during world apocalypse, always the first bridge to run to when one is engaged in a car-chase... even the apes like to swing on this bridge. Seriously! Why is every movie destroying San Francisco?!!

And I know what you are thinking: you want to take your own postcard snapshot of it, spending hours googling online "the best place to view the Golden Gate Bridge". I understand that, been there, done that.

 Now, let me share my finds with you. You can thank me later, or leave without saying anything. Most importantly, just GO:

1. Fort Point

Highlight: Close up view of the bridge from below
I walked all the way along the water edge to Fort Point from Pier 17. Fun, scenic but at the same time annoying (it’s a long walk.) For those who have enough budget to rent a car, there’s FREE parking.

As I said, this is a long walk and I got so tired to set up my iPhone properly (since it involve lots of adjusting) so might as well take some candid of my brother (who do not like taking photos). And you know, I am that annoying sister who takes 1 photo every3 steps. Of course I am exaggerating, duh!

2. Chrissy Fields

Highlight: a view of the bridge, with the content of local life. 
Walk down from Fort Point and you will end up in Chrissy Field, a former military airfield within the Presidio. On a clear day, you’ll be able to get some stunning photos of the bridge with people playing at the beach or enjoying their picnic lunch.

@littlemisshappyfeet: Coffee from the Warming Hut
Where to eat?
If a picnic lunch is not your thing (seriously? What are you?!), you can grab something to eat at the Warming Hut (near Fort Point) or Beach Hut Cafe (near the Marina Green).
** Staffs at the Warming Hut are really “warm”. They allow me to sit there and charge my phone (it went dead) AFTER they closed the shop.

3. Battery Spencer, Marin County
Highlight: photograph the Golden Gate Bridge with the breath-taking background of the entire city of San Francisco
If you are asking where to take a close up postcard shot of the iconic bridge, here is the answer! *IF you don’t mind the hike, and the wind that might accompany it. Great place to watch the sunset too.

4. Hawk Hill, Marin County

image via flickr
Highlight: photograph the Golden Gate Bridge with the breath-taking background of the Bay area
Hike further up from Battery Spencer. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

5. Baker Beach
Highlight: photograph the bridge and bbq/sunbath in between
Stretching a half mile on the shore of the Pacific Ocean to the northwest of the city, this beach is a brilliant spot to take some classic beach, bridge and sky shots. Bonus: watch sunset here and enjoy the free “magical light show” (bridge getting lit up).

6. Marshall Beach
Spectacular view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and perhaps the least known (well I don’t know but the beach seems quite empty)! The hike here was fun, better yet if you are riding a bike! However, it is dubbed the San Francisco's unofficial nude gay beach, so If you can’t label yourself as “very open-minded person (and I mean, VERY)”, cross this off your list.

7. China Beach
Highlight: photograph the bridge with gorgeous views of the Marin Headlands and picnic/sunbath in between
If you are looking for some “history”, this is for you. Located in the Sea Cliff neighbourhood, China Beach is a little cove hidden between Land’s End and Baker Beach. Also, a nice historical spot with facilities like restroom and showers

8. Lands End
Highlight: Combine photographing the bridge with touristy hike and Legion of Honor visit.  
This is a popular coastal hiking trail from the Sutro baths to the Golden Gate Bridge. Start the hike at Eagle’s Point trailhead. You can combine this activity with a visit to the Legion of Honor and call it a day. Cool photo opportunities at the labyrinth.  You also get an afar view of the ocean and the Golden Gate Bridge.

9. From the waters
Highlight: Take a photo with a trillion different angles. 
A fun way viewing the Golden Gate Bridge is by taking a boat tour around the bay. Look around Fisherman Wharf or survey online for the best deal! Sunset cruise is highlight recommended, for a chance to see the bridge with a drop-dead-gorgeous sunset backdrop.

10. Alcatraz Prison
Highlight: You are taking photos from the Alcatraz prison. How cool is that!  
Take a boat tour, it will depart from Fisherman Wharf. When you are in the prison ground, go to the outdoor recreational area where, years ago prisoners spent hours looking out at the stunning view of San Francisco. And now you can too!

11. Battery E Trail

Highlight: A close up view higher than the Fort Point
A brisk hike, suitable for any age. There are beautiful flowers along the trail in spring and summer. Lovely activity that ends at the visitor center and you can continue the hike up the bridge.

12. On the Golden Gate Bridge

Highlight: do I need to tell you? Just do it!
Where best to take a photo of Golden Gate Bridge than Golden Gate Bridge itself?

Thank You for Reading! 
This post is based solely on my research,opinion and personal experience. 
Do you have a suggestion for the best spots to view the Golden Gate Bridge too? 
Share it with me by commenting below!

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Nice one! My favorite is and will always be Chrissy field. So lively. I went there to play with my dog every weekend . Used to :(