Saturday, February 27, 2016

Backpacking in United States under $40 per day

Budget for 51 days 

(including transportation, theme park, meals, hostel and tour. Excluding flight): $2057.80

1. East coast ( New York- Niagara Falls- Washington DC- Boston- Philly) 9 days = $516
2. South East and Gulf coast (Athens- Atlanta- Miami- Tampa- Orlando) 9 days= $378.73
3. Gulf coast (New Orleans, San Antonio, Austin, Memphis, Little Rock) 6 days= $144.70
4. Las Vegas 2 days= $138.33
5. Road Trip National Parks (Utah: Arches, Bonneville, Canyonland, Zion, Bryce. Arizona: Page, Antelope, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley. California: Yosemite. Nevada: Death Valley) 8 days= $463.50
6. Road Trip Highway 1, 4 days= $170
7. Chicago 2/3 days= $63
8. California, west coast (San Diego- LA-Santa Monica- San Francisco) 6/7 days= $183.50

Information about individual cities can be found by clicking on the cities you're interested in.

To save on accommodation:

use FREE hostel/apartment offers using the below methods: (Or also couchsurfed)
Click on the links below to start earning your free stay!

- Apartment stay/ Hostel / Unique Rental=
- Apartment stay=
- Hotel=
- Boutique Hotels=

For more information, please read: 8 golden rules to stay for FREE/heavily discounted

To save on transportation: 

Free transport using the below methods:
Click on the links below to start earning your free rides!

Free taxi =
Discounted car hire=

To save more/afford the trip:

1. Fly from Europe so flight ticket to and fro= RM1000+
2. Buy travel cards! For example in New York I bought the New York Pass. Besides buy metro day-pass instead of paying for every single trip.  
3. Less than RM8000 for 51 days, this is as low as one can get (proved ). It can be cheaper if you don't go to theme parks and observation decks, and eat maggi everyday.
Note: Exchange rate was $1 to RM3.6-3.7.
4. I worked on the road sharing and writing articles
5. I saved up like a mad person before the travels
6. I did part time job ( selling food, online reviewing. )
7. I brought a tent and sleep in forrest/car/roadside/ sleep in airport to save money for more worthy stuff. sometimes, i couchsurf.

For those who are wondering is it more expensive travelling alone :

YES and NO.

1. NO. if you travel solo, it is more likely that a couchsurfing host will agree to host you. They host you, some show you around town in a car, some feed you, they treat you like you are their BEST friends. You will save up a lot , and it is the best experience one could ever get "unconditional love from a total stranger". Public transport is very easy in the US, all transits are included and you can use the free transport I shared here more freely.(I traveled solo here for 10+ day )

2. YES. If you are going for a road trip, you will want someone to share the cost with you. namely car rental, food, petrol. ( I found my travel buddies on websites and Instagram, I NEVER met them before the trip, but we became best friends.) To travel with strangers, there are certain risks.please refer to this post before things get out of control: WHO should I go with?

About the photos I took:

All photos were taken by an iphone 5, Canon PC1742 and an old broken Sumsung.
Except those that i credited to my travel partner, Matt. Those were taken with a Olympus Digital Camera. No GoPro hero, no DSLR.... and the result? Well, You tell me:

ps: Now there is cheap flight ticket RM2000+ Malaysia- USA, to and fro

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