Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bryce Canyon: Best Viewpoint? There are no "best".

Too often when people ask me about National parks, they'll start with this "Where to take the best photos?" and my answer is always "see your time ngam or not loh."
Really! It is all about getting to the right place at the right time, or even, more interestingly, getting to the wrong place at the right time! You are looking for interesting perspectives? Make the visitor center your first stop to ask about various scenic hiking trails and activities.

Bryce Point

Come here for : Full amphitheater view

Yovimpa Point
Come here for: Grand Staircase rock layers 

Come here for : Eye-to-eye level hoodoos

Mossy Cave
Come here for : Hoodoos over waters

Sunrise Point
Come here for : Limber Pine's view

Sunset Point
Come here for : Views along Navajo Loop Trail

Inspiration Point

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Come here for : 3 layers of different perspectives (there are 3 viewing points on different levels)

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Ming said...

I been to yovimpa! I think that is the best one