Thursday, February 18, 2016

Murmansk: Teriberka day trip

The Teriberka Sign. 
Mr. Alek and Alexei came to pick us up with their jeeps on 9 a.m. It was a 2 hours joy ride out of the city of Murmansk. Along the way, we stopped by a frozen lake, some interesting monuments put together by teenagers of the region and managed to catch an awe-inspiring sunrise from higher ground.

Sunrise and snow. @littlemisshappyfeet

Teriberka is the setting for the Oscar-nominated Russian Movie "Leviathan", which went ahead and won a Golden Globe in 2015. This place is half-deserted, with a lot of abandon houses and shipwrecks along the coast of Barents Sea. Well don't get me wrong, THIS, is the exact reason why I love it here! If I were to put it in one word: EXQUISITE!

@littlemisshappyfeet: Abandoned hut in Teriberka. 
Shipwreck at the coast. 
Russian Orthodox chapel. 
Our guides were doing a great job telling us interesting stories about the region (Alexei spoke Russian to us). We were also introduced to various local food products in Teriberka. Our guide Alexei even bought us a big loaf of local bread from the store, which we had it for dinner. It was delicious, it looked stone-hard from the outside but it was very spongy once we cut it open. Perfect to eat with hot soup. We also tried the raw milk in the region. Tasted different but delightful.  

buying regional Raw Milk from Babushka (Russian granny). 

We had late lunch at a hotel before a short hike up a hill. Alexei and Alek shared their packed lunch with us, introducing us to another new tea: Red Ginger.  

A short hike up to a sunset view point. 

Will I recommend this tour?
Definitely! If you ever find yourself visiting Murmansk, a trip to Teriberka is a must! Especially for those who appreciate nature and rural country, and not to forget "Leviathan" fans.

My trip was organised by Mr. Олег Теребенин from Visit Murmansk and Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Check out their websites for more tour options with superb English-speaking tour guides. 
Contact: Mr. Oleg Pavlovich Terebenin
Phone: +79212731919

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