Thursday, February 4, 2016

Road Trip: Why should you visit San Luis Obispo
SLO town is a city in California, roughly 3 hours drive away from Los Angeles. It is a worthy, fun stop on the Pacific Coastal highway, and this is why:

Bubblegum Alley

It is disgusting, gross, dirty but at the same time, a sight to behold! So many people travel to San Luis Obispo just to stick a piece of bubblegum on the wall. Took a picture, walked to the end, I am done with it, Take me out of here!

The Madonna Inn

See the Pink Room and the famous mens bathroom's waterfall! The Madonna Inn is along the way when you drive from SLO town to the beach, so why not check it out?

Pismo Beach

Once billed the "Clamp capital of the world", today Pismo beach is still very famous with clamp chowder, a must have during a visit! Also, bike, surf board, kayak, fishing gear and atv rentals are available on the beach/ the pier.

Staircase to nowhere

This is an abandoned winding staircase that leads to nowhere below Ventana Grill along hotel row. It used to be a popular place to take wedding and graduation photos, but now... I just find it interesting as it sparks serious deep thoughts in me.

Avila Beach

Dolphins spotted at Avila Beach.

A tour guide at Pismo Beach urged me to check out this beach, famous for whale and dolphin watching. So if you have time, do come here, rent a paddleboard and test your luck!

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