Monday, February 15, 2016

Russia: Stoyn (Human Head Ice cream)

photo source: Stoyn facebook

Russia is a country with a strong reputation, strong personality, unique and mysterious in some way. In Russia, you do not have ice cream, Ice cream has you!

photo source: Stoyn facebook

The Moscow based “Stoyn Ice Cream” is the «sculptural ice cream» project launched in May 2011. This unique design experiment had embodied the images of the world’s most iconic figures into ice cream. The fun part is, The taste and flavor of each ice cream reflects the role of these personals in the society, showcasing their strength and character.

photo source: Stoyn facebook
1. (Vladimir Mayakovsky) made of cranberry and vodka
2. (Dark Vader) in blueberry & licorice.
3. (Che Guevara) in Chocolate and Rum.

photo source: Stoyn facebook
4. (Chucky) Pumkin pie with apple, cinnamon and ginger.

photo source: Stoyn facebook

Other flavors include (Marilyn Monroe) Strawberry, (Donald Duck) Chocolate and Banana, (Mickey Mouse) Mango … and many more.

Cost per serving: 200 rubles.
Where to try (Cafes):
photo source: Stoyn facebook.
- “GOOD ENOUGH” m.Mayakovskaya Street . Sadovaya -Triumfalnaya 4/10
- “VEYPSHOP” Mayakovskaya Moscow, 3- ya Tverskaya -Yamskaya Str . E.3 p. 2
- “GYROS for HEROES ENEA” | Prospekt Mira 119 Pavilion 66
- “BABYLON Vapeshop” m . Chistye Prudy Street . Myasnitskaya 32, 2
- “8 BIT PIZZA”  m . Savelovskaya Street. Truth d . 24, p. 3

Delivery (If you buy 5 or more) 
Time of delivery:  2.5 -3 hours after confirmation, or at a convenient time for you until 22-00.
Shipping Cost:   300 rubles. Pickup is possible.

Pickup location:   street Pryanishnikov , 19A Building 4 (Monday-Friday , by appointment )

Facebook: STOYN
Website: STOYN studio

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