Friday, February 12, 2016

Zion National Park: 15 Reasons you should bring all your best photography gears

Not too far from Vegas, the Zion National Park is the perfect day trip for a photography bonanza! I'll let pictures do the talking.

1. Observation point

The trial leads you to the most stunning view over the mountains and the valley below.

2. Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel 

Driving on route 9, you will pass through the famous tunnel in Zion National Park and slickrocks of the Upper East Canyon.

3. Virgin River on Pa'rus trail
If you plan to bring your fur-baby along, note that this is the only dog friendly trail. It ends at the Zion Museum.

4. Checkerboard Mesa

This unique rock formation is one of the Zion's most prominent features.

5. Progeny Peak
For a trek only under a mile, the view from this peak is way too rewarding, don't you think?

6. Upper Emerald Falls
Only one word to describe this sight: S-P-E-C-T-A-C-U-L-A-R!

7. Zion Narrows

One of the most photograph portion of the Zion National Park.

8. Double-Arch Alcove

Located within Kolob Finger Canyons, watch your life being elevated here.

9. Pine Creek
If the formation itself is already so surreal, imaging your feeling while descending it.

10. Keyhole Canyon
If you are looking for a perfect shot of a slot canyon, you've found it.

11. Orderville Canyon
 A lesser technical canyons. The hike is fun and wonderful one with 2 short obstacles.

12. West Temple
They say the best place to view it is from the Human History Museum.

13. Great White Throne
Come to photograph the White towering formation along the red-rock canyons.

14. lower Subway
Some hike requires a backcountry permit, this is one of them.

15. Angel's Landing
If you are afraid of heights, chains are available along the way.

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