Friday, May 13, 2016

Italy: Italy for "Nature Person"

Capri, courtesy of
Are you a City person, Nature person or a Small Town person? If you are a nature person,check out this little list I have here that may blow your mind.

1. Cinque Terre
This UNESCO World Heritage "Cinque Terre National Park" is the place to go no matter you are a "town" person or a "nature" person. Those whimsical coastlines and colourful cute houses lining the mountainside will surely make anyone goes WOW!

2. Capri 
From the the Faraglioni rocks to the mesmerizing sea cave of Blue Grotto, it is not hard to see why W. Somerset Maugham chose Capri as the setting of his short story "The Lotus Eater".

3. Mount Etna, Silicy
Come and catch Europe's tallest active stratovolcano in action -- also, a new UNESCO World Heritage Site since June 2013!

4. Saturnia, Tuscany
Saturnia is a homonym spa town in Tuscany where one can sit all day relaxing in the gorgeous Cascate del Mulino (Mill waterfalls).

5. Misurina Lake
Misurina lake is the largest natural lake of the Cadore, with an interesting legend about a girl who named Misurina.

6. Dolomites
This pristine beauty captures the hearts of many with it's dramatic rocky rooftop, green meadows cand chalky cliff.  

7. Lake Como.
Located only an hour 20 minutes drive from Milan in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region, Lake Como is certainly a good choice for day trip.

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