Tuesday, May 17, 2016


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Discover the stories of the people in Edinburgh at the Lawn market.

1. Lady Stair's Close and Writer's Museum
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There is a "Writers' Museum" containing memorabilia which celebrate the lives of 3 Scotland's most famous writers: Sir Walter Scott, Robert Burns and Robert Louis Stevenson.

2. Deacon Brodie
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This is quite an interesting part of the walk, so I suggest you to google it up and have a read yourself! Rumors had it that the former Deacon Councillor of Edinburgh, William Brodie is the inspiration for the book "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".  William Brodie was was an outwardly respectable tradesman and Deacon by day, but by night he was a burglar, a thief. He was found guilty and hang in 1788 but rumours of his being seen in Europe circulated later.

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Andrew Boland said...

what an amazing building! (writers museum!)

Miss HappyFeet said...

agree with you! =D