Saturday, June 11, 2016

On the COVER: Let's Travel, Malaysia

Beautiful Malaysians! Have you heard? I am on the cover of your favorite Chinese Travel Magazine, "Let's Travel吃风"!
Miss Happy Feet, Vivian Lee

I've got a full 30 pages spread in Let's Travel Magazine (Malaysia) this month, featuring my travels in the U.S. and Russia. It is truly an honor! 
Photo courtesy of Grace Yeoh from
In this issue, I am happy to share my humble tips, advice and budget to The Land of The Free! America! I will tell you those funny little stories/ people/events/accidents I encountered along the way during this epic All American Road Trip! Well, I traveled with a bunch of strangers who ended up calling each other buds, met a bear roaming in Kaibab National Forest, participated in Pride Week and so much more! Praise God that everything turned out well and I came home in one piece! 
Photo courtesy of Grace Yeoh from
Next, how about you buying this issue of the magazine and I'll sell you the biggest secret on Aurora Sightings? I am sure chasing Aurora is sitting on your bucket-list since forever but for some, money become an annoying limiting issue... Tell me about it! I am a student traveler and it gets so hard when you have to shell out half a sum from your hard earned money (I am a freelance writer and a part time travel blogger) just to tick something off your bucket list! Lucky enough for me, I am living in Russia, which is one of the 5 countries located within the Arctic Circle. So instead of handing in my money, I searched for an alternative, and the rest was history....
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Not to forget, in this issue, my awesome cousin, Celine Chen Yue from Celine's World is sharing her tips on eating your way around in Melbourne, on the cheap! Who says shoe-string budget travelers are doomed to stick with bread and cup noodles? 
Photo courtesy of Grace Yeoh from
Now, continue flipping through the pages...
Big Dreams, small pockets. However, before you venture into the unknown, how about traveling in Malaysia to get a feel of traveling and most importantly, you get to take some time focusing on the overlooked details? Malaysia is such a beautiful country, we all ought to be grateful to call Malaysia home! Blogger 静如 from <静如生活馆> talks about what she saw, learned and felt during her All Malaysian Trip. If this fail to spark up your local-wanderlust, I do not know what else will do the job for ya! 
For me, unfortunately, i get allergies whenever I am back in my home country (I honestly do not know what is in the air, everyone seems perfectly fine!). This is tragic... I know! Especially when you miss all those good food so so so much! The milo ice I make for myself will never live up to my expectation or memory. I miss calling out "Milo Ice Satu" in those roadside coffee shop where a Bangla will shout back from the kitchen "Okay Milo Ice" before he finally hand me my drinks saying "lai lai lai"...

Photo courtesy of Grace Yeoh from
Oh, so back to the topic, as I've just told you, Malaysia is a beautiful country, even our own backyard is worth exploring! You do not have to travel far! Blogger Grace Yeoh is on a quest to prove this statement, and she does it well!  This time, she is taking us all to immerse in the offbeat beauty in the picturesque old town, Hua Ling. 

Now just what are you waiting for? Be a total sweetheart and grab the June issue of Let's Travel吃风 magazine from the nearest bookstore, will ya? OR, if you happen to travel with Malaysian Airlines, stop by their VIP lounge and have a read! 

I've share my travel budget to US (RM8000 for 50 days) and Russia (RM900 for 4 days), and my ways to achieve them, and now, it's your turn to chase your dreams! Thank you for the coverage, Let's Travel!

While Stock Last! 

If you are a Chinese Reader, head on to Grace Yeoh's beautiful blog "我爱我生活" to read about the highlights of the June issue! 


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Grace said...

Hi Vivian, great to know you ^^
Just drop by to say, I read your article in the magazine and I like it.

Miss HappyFeet said...

Thanks Grace! I haven't even seen it! Glad it turn out well

Andrew Boland said...

wow - congratulations!

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