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Browsing through TripAdvisor while planning for my 70 days long Europe trip, I came across the Hotel Mont Blanc and thought to myself: A stay there would be amazing, except that my imaginary pot of gold key doesn't exist. I never thought that 1 month later, I would be sitting on the terrace of the best room in Hotel Mont Blanc with my best buddy sipping champagne while marveling the grandeur of Mount Blanc. Pinch me I must be dreaming! 

Checking In

The hotel features a spacious main hall of timeless marble floor with a sparkling chandelier dangling down the high ceiling, looking absolutely stunning. The accommodating staff behind the desk welcomed me with the warmest smile and I found myself checked into "Junior Suite Mont Blanc" in no time. Then we were given a quick tour of the hotel while the highly efficient porter delivered our luggage to our room. 

The Staff

The hotel staff lead by Mr. Hervé Hochet is what makes this hotel a real top notch! They are exceptionally quick to respond to your requests and give the best recommendation of what to do and see around town. They've basically taken care of every aspect of our stay, including a timely advice on my clothing for Aiguille du Midi... I felt right at home! On the last day of our stay, they arranged our transport to the train station in a slick BMW and the greatest of all? I lost my bag at the Chamonix train station and they sent Julia to "go the extra miles" (literally a 45 minutes drive to my location) to return it!  Talking about unbeatable 5-star service, they easily rank first in my archive.  Read: The day I lost my bag... and Passport!

The welcome gift they laid out on my room desk was well-thought off and personal. A Clarins travel pack and a hand-written welcome note from the management of the hotel. Looking at the gift, I knew that it was just the beginning of an unforgettable stay.  

The Room

The minute I walked though the door, I immediately knew that this is the kind of hotel I would check-in to for a luxurious staycation. 

The Junior Suite Mont Blanc seemed to have it all. From the drink-all-you-can complimentary mini bar (non-alcoholic) to the safe, to the the multimedia hub and the flat screen TV... Our room was spacious, elegantly designed, complete with modern inviting furnishing. There were magazines laid out neatly on the coffee table. The view from the private terrace was the kind that inspires a painting. Overlooking the fantastic outdoor pool area, garden and the magical French Alps in the distance, my suite turned out to be the best room featuring the best view, which I am grateful for. Pure Bliss! 

Our plush king size bed was so comfortable I spent a huge amount of time curling up in the coziest sheets and comforter. I even moved my entire working space onto the bed! Fancy!

The bathroom was hands down the most stylish one I've seen in awhile. Beautifully lined with tiny tiles, the spacious bathroom features a rain shower head enclosed by translucent glass walls. The Hamam Bath steam feature definitely added to the already-incredible experience, what a pleasant surprise! Oh and don't get me started on the bathtub facing the gorgeous view! An evening spent enjoying a bubble bath with a glass of wine in hand, overlooking the glow-in-the-dark Mount Blanc... and you'll definitely understand why some people couldn't leave their hotel room.  

Room Service

I was so blissed out when the room service sent us 2 bottles of top quality champagne in ice buckets. The staff also sent in a cute weather forecast note packed along with delightful cookies. 

Around the Hotel

The hotel is ideally located next to the tourism office. Just a stone throw away, you will find yourself in the city center surrounded by a great range of open-air cafes, patisseries, and assorted cheese shops. The cable car and train is about 10 minutes walk away. 

Inside the Hotel

It has everything as you'd expect any luxurious hotel to have: the world-class spa "Clarines", a gym, a meditation room, a fascinating outdoor pool... you name it! 

The lavishly designed interior and cozy environment makes it an ideal space to work. On the last day of my visit, I spent a good 3 hours tapping away on my laptop, scheduling blog posts and uploading photos using the Mac desktop they put in the lobby. During that time, I was constantly checked on if I needed a drink. Just a side note: the bartender obviously took pride in his job for making "The best cocktail in town"! Simply lovely!

So hit the town, go up to the panoramic viewpoints, try paragliding... at the end of your action-packed day, be sure to check out the "Clarins" spa and indulge in one of their many treatments... Great way to unwind, isn't it? 

Le Matafan Dining Experience 

I believe no one beats France when it comes to fine-dining. Dining in Le Matafan by Chef Mickey Bourdillat, I realized that I was indeed living the dream. Making my mind up on what to eat was not as easy as it sounded. Veal, doe, scallops... they definitely have high standards in choosing their raw ingredients. To turn things up a notch, we were served a local cheese board which consist of some fresh cuts of the best cheese in the region. (Fun fact: The blue cheese was unforgettable, I simply couldn't take a second bite). 

The restaurant is open to the public, so even if you don't stay there, you can just show up and reserve a table. My Paragliding Tandem Guide from AirSport Chamonix mentioned that it is his favorite place to drop by for lunch. Apart from the amazing ambiance brought out by the elegant organic-themed exposed-logs wall design and the fireplace, the dishes served are of high quality and fairly priced. 

The Breakfast Experience

The breakfast buffet starts as early as 6 am, perfect for those who want to kick start a beautiful day early. The buffet consisted of a wide selection of assorted cheese, fresh fruits, delightful pastries and muesli. Wonderful array of cooked dish available too-- bacon, omelettes, smoked salmon, ham and so much more. 

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I visited Hotel Mont Blanc Chamonix as a guest, however, my opinion and photos are as always, my own.

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