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Top 5 Must-Visit Destinations in NorthEast Iceland

In my previous post about Iceland, I have shared about the things to do in the Northwest region, and now, what about NorthEast Iceland which is equally appealing and beautiful to the eyes that behold it? It is always a waste that tourists have always skipped these unchartered regions of Iceland for those over-crowded tourist spots in the south of Iceland and of course the area around the capital, Reykjavik.
NorthEast Iceland

Let’s unveil the beauty of NorthEast Iceland today by these Top 5 destinations :

  • Myvatn Natural Bath 

Myvatn Natural Bath
  • You have to ponder twice if you are planning for your visit for Blue Lagoon instead for this hidden gem. This natural bath place is less crowded and touristy as compared to the famous Blue Lagoon, in the east of the country, which requires mandatory pre-booking to confirm for your visit. Myvatn Natural Bath is much more hassle-free that you could just get in the line and pay for your ticket and enjoy what nature has bestowed. Price, is another enticing factor for you to pay a visit here and with just 2200kr (USD20) for student price, as compared to Blue Lagoon which provides no student price at all, there is no excuse for you not to come Myvatn Bath to get the same therapeutic bath. What’s more, this place is deserted as compared to Blue Lagoon, and who knows you might catch the aurora during your visit while dipping in the water?!

  • Grjotagja

  • This hot water cave is another hidden gem in this region which is a must-visit as pilgrimage for all Games of Thrones’ avid fans. The crystal-clear geothermal water supply from the ground creates a natural bath inside the cave which gives a perfect, untainted reflection of the cave on the water. This cave used to be a bath site, but unfortunately, being a private area, it’s now forbidden to dip yourself in the pool as tourists are starting to throng in this place.

  • Dettifoss

  • Dettifoss is one of the must-not-miss waterfalls in this region with powerful cascades flowing down from atop, what’s more, it is also the place to witness rainbows due to the immense free falling water droplets that collide with the abundant sun energy. The pictures above couldn’t justify the eyes that have beheld such wonderful waterfall and double rainbows.

  • Selfoss

  • One must not mistake Selfoss waterfall with the Selfoss city in the south of Iceland like I did. Haha!!! Selfoss, to me, is slightly inferior as compared to Dentifoss in this region, as the waterfall is slightly shorter, and hence, without such magnificent cascades as in Dentifoss. Anyway, it also deserves a visit as it is just located nearby the beautiful Dentifoss!

  • Viti Crater 

Viti Crater

Viti Crater
  • A volcanic explosion years ago had left a big hole or crater, currently filled with water of a deep blue colour. One can basically walk around the crater and take some beautiful photos of the lake from atop. It is a pretty short walk though and the best thing is one can still see patches of snow despite visiting this place in the summer. Be aware of the sulphorous smell too when you are coming this crater!!! What’s more, this crater is free of admission as compared to Kerio Crater(200kr) in the Golden Ring Road! 

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