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10 Best Activities in Iceland (Summer)

To truly understand the Icelandic culture and the people, it is important to look further past the beautiful landscape and amazing sunsets (after photographing them, of course!). Instead, dig deep into the roots, soak up the Icelandic lifestyle, appreciate the evolution of its cuisine, learn about the geology, respect the nature and the invisible people of Iceland... and you will be greatly rewarded. 

1. Horse Riding

Icelandic horses are such sweethearts. You will certainly fall in love with their calm temperament and sweet personality in no time. They are the only species on earth able to carry out the legendary "tolt" gait. For that, sit deep into the saddle, relax and let the horses do the rest. They know the drills.  

2. Biking

Experience the culture and hidden gems of Reykjavik though the locals’ eyes. Coolest of all? You do it on 2 wheels. You will be cycling leisurely pass historic buildings, houses of famous people, a lake and city beach, picking up a Pylsur on the way!

3. Camping

If you are on a budget, young at heart and appreciate nature, camping would be the obvious best way to experience Iceland! Always wanted to wake up to the view of a cascading waterfall? Now go make your dreams come true!
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4. Hiking

Defined by its dramatic landscape with highlands, volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, craters, and lava fields, Iceland is a one of a kind destination that impresses easily even uptown travelers. Hiking is a must-do in Iceland and one of my favorite hikes was in Landmannalaugar. 
Alternatives: Valcano hikes, Glacier hikes, Waterfall hikes

5. Up in The Air

Only 30 seconds after take off, I was already impressed with the amazing bird's eye view over Reykjavik. The Helicopter tour enabled me to look at the city from a whole new different angle and before I realized it, we were already flying above the outskirts of Reykjavik, looking at some of the most spectacular landscape in Iceland. Soon, we landed on top of an extinct volcano with red lava soil. The unobstructed vista of the nearby landscape was incredible, giving me tons of great photo opportunities. 
Alternatives: Paragliding, Hang gliding

6. Sampling Icelandic Cuisine

I've never seen Iceland make the cut in any "foodie capitals" lists, all I knew about Icelandic Food was rotten sharks and creepy sheep heads I once saw on the Discovery Channel. I was surprised to find out that there are so many distinctive flavors out there in this geologic-isolated country, you just have to be adventurous, and let Iceland take your taste buds out for a Helluva-ride... 
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7. A Dip in the Geothermal Pool

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland, but it also delivers a fatal blow to your wallet. So instead of the touristy, why not spend the time in one of the many natural baths all over Iceland? For example, tourist can enjoy a therapeutical bath in the Myvatn Natural Bath for only 2200kr (student price). 
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8. Go Under the Water

Diving in Iceland is no ordinary experience. The Silfra fissure is a tectonic plate drifting 2cm apart per year, that allows you to dive or snorkel between North American and Europe. 

9. Puffin and Whale-Watching

The quaint town of Husavik is well known for whale sighting, so if you ever find yourself in Northern Iceland, add a journey out to the Arctic Ocean in your itinerary. To kill 2 birds with 1 stone, book a Puffin+Whale watching tour instead. 
Note: North Sailing is working hard to become more eco-friendly by improvising their carbon neutral tours on the electric ship. 

10. Testing out Icelandic Folklore

If you can resist temptations well, I have a task for you, that *might* be rewarding provided that you stay still. In a midsummer night, find a crossroad where all roads lead to churches, then sit there and wait for the Elves (the Huldufólk).  They'll try to seduce you with earthly wealth, if you accept their offer, there will be grave consequences, but if you manage to resist, you'll be heavily rewarded. 

BONUS: Transportation In Iceland: 

Rent A Car
Blog contributor WaiHoe recently been to Iceland with 3 friends. Besides economical consideration, renting a car is the best way to explore the beautiful country at your own pace. On his recent trip, the cost of renting a car (Volkswagen Polo) for 2 weeks was approximately USD800, insurance, and tax included. 
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Bus Passport
In July, I had chosen to tour Iceland with an "Iceland on your own: Highlight bus passport" by Reykjavik Excursion and SBA-Norðurleið. 
Here is a detailed write-up about my experience: Solution to Visiting Iceland Without A Driver License.  

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