Monday, November 7, 2016

10 (Secret) Ways For Booking Cheap Flight Tickets

1. Travel during off season 

This is probably the oldest point in the rule book. Flight tickets are the cheapest during off seasons and the price shoot right up during school holidays. However, if you are a student traveler like me, this rule doesn’t apply.  

Example of off-seasons: September (after Summer break), April (after Spring break). 

2. Fly anywhere

If your travel time is flexible and you don’t mind about the destination as long as you can travel, Then this feature is for you. Skyscanner allows you to search for flights to “Everywhere” according to your preference. You just have to key in your preferred travel dates (or leave option as “Cheapest Month”), the number of travelers and click “search”.
Read my step-by-step explanation on how to find the cheapest flight ticket available with Skyscanner.  

3. Make use of your frequent flyers’ miles

Choose an airline that you frequently use and sign up for their loyalty or Alliance program. There are a lot of choose from, to name a few: Skyteam, One World. Just rack up those miles/points and redeem a free flight (if you travel frequent enough. )  

4. Mix and match

Round trip flight is not always the cheapest option. Always search the possibility of two one-way journeys and compare the cost. 
For Example, Moscow-Venice-Venice-Moscow cost me RM800 but Moscow-Venice (RM350) Budapest-Moscow (RM270) only add up to RM 620, and I get to travel longer. Thus, the Europe loop-trip. 

5. Extended Stopover. 

Multi-leg flights allow you to visit 2 new destinations without having to pay extra. 
For example, you are traveling from Malaysian to Moscow. The cheapest flight would definitely be of Vietnam-Air (it always has been), which includes a 3-5 hours layover in Hanoi or Ho Chi Min. 
In that case, search for multi-leg instead. “Customize” your own flight so that you flight from Malaysia to Hanoi, explore Hanoi for a few days, then fly from Hanoi to Moscow. After the trip, fly back from Moscow to Malaysia using Turkish Airlines that includes transiting in Istanbul as a part of the journey. Do the same so that you can enjoy a few days in Istanbul. 

6. Don’t fly direct. 

Even if you have no plans to explore the city you are transiting in, choose flights with 1 stopover as it is known to be cheaper than direct flights. 

7. Timing 

If you are patient, wait for last minute deals. Follow airlines’ social media closely. 
Also, they say Tuesday and Wednesday is the best day of the week to buy. I never purposely delay my purchase til weekdays though!  

8. Sign up as members

Airlines send exclusive offers to their members. Some even let their members grab the best travel deals first before they open those chance up to the public. 

9. Subscribe to Skyscanner’s Newsletter.  

Skyscanner never fails to inspire me with its monthly newsletter. Sent directly to my emails, I was the first to know all about the flight promotions, travel deals and featured destinations of the month!  

10. Miss it. 

This last tip is the only method I haven’t tried before but those who did swear that it works. Instead of buying a direct flight ticket to your destination, choose a much less popular route that includes your destination as a layover. Normally, the flight ticket would cost much less due to its low market demand. So, just travel the first half and miss the last leg of the journey. 
However, if you are going to use this method, always buy 2 one-way tickets instead of a round-trip because the airlines will cancel your return trip if you do not complete the first one. 
Didn't get it? 
It’s fine I was confused when I first heard about this too.   

This is how things work: 
Instead of buying New York—> Amsterdam, 
buy New York —> Amsterdam —> Crimea (unpopular route) and miss Amsterdam —> Crimea. 
*Anyway, I made this route up for the sake of easier explanation, I don’t think it exists (in case you are searching for it). 

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John said...

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