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Top 6 Hidden Gems and Things To Do In Perth

If you are traveling to Perth, Australia soon, hear me out. I am going to disclose these 6 secret attractions I absolutely love. These are the things I think you should never miss.

#1 Free Wine/Beer Testing

Having some beer or wine will definitely warm you up in winter. It’s even better if the beer or wine are all free of charge! Free beer or wine testing is popular in Perth. When you are in Perth, remember to head to Little Creatures, Fremantle for free beer testing OR the Leeuwin Estate, Margaret River, West Australia for free wine testing. Fyi, 11 small cups of beer will be served when you approach the counter at Little Creatures. In my opinion, some of them tasted heavenly smooth, while some were... eh, not to my liking. And you may request for a second tray if you have a big group of travel companions. Whereas in Leeuwin Estate, just a few sips of wine will be served from each bottle. Hence to visit these places, I strongly recommend a group of four (maybe not more than that) as the wine provided is limited.

Little Creatures
Address: 40 Mews Rd, Fremantle WA 6160, Australia.
Business Hours: 10AM-12AM

Leeuwin Estate
Address:  Stevens Rd, Margaret River WA 6285, Australia
Business Hours: 10AM – 5PM

#2 Cycling around Rottnest Island

If you like challenging activity, you should not miss cycling around Rottnest Island. Cycling while enjoying the breeze along the seaside with breathtaking scenery is one of the best activities which bring you closer to nature. With an area spreading 7.366mi2, you may think it is small. But it is actually not the case! What makes it challenging is that you have to return the bike before 4pm. I believe average tourists (like myself) would probably spend more time taking photos in the beginning of the journey! In addition, there are a lot of places where you have to ride uphill. I was out of breath! So, plan your time well in the island. You may reserve your bike from Rottnest Express. Single bike hire for adult cost A$30 per bike. If you or your travel buddies do not know how to cycle, don’t worry! Tandem bikes are available there (not available for pre-book), and it costs A$48 to rent. You may find the warehouse by asking the receptionist near the entrance of the island. Do take note that there is no convenience shop or cafe along the road. So, the ultimate survival tip is to bring some biscuits with you!!
To book the bike:

#3 Quokka searching

The ultimate purpose of island hopping – Quokka searching. Quokka, which can only be found in Western Australia is a rare species of kangaroo (but it looks like a hybrid between a kangaroo and a rat). They are famous for their cute smiley face! They are not aggressive. If you are an animal lover, you may not want to miss the chance to meet this rare cutie pie in Perth.

#4 York Tandem Skydive

Skydiving is a popular activity in Australia and New Zealand. Tandem Skydiving is available at a place called York, Western Australia. The journey from Perth city to York takes up about an hour. But don’t worry, they provide free return pick-ups. A York Midweek Tandem Skydiving Package From up to 14,000 ft, costs A$249 and a Gold package (including photo and video) costs A$149 (Total A$398). Trust me, you would want to capture the precious memory of this once in a lifetime experience. The cold breeze is a credit if you skydive during winter.

#5 Dine in - Ciao Italia

THE restaurant you should visit -- Ciao Italia. And if you are unsure, go for Cozze Pescatora – the mussels. This dish never fails to reach every table (during my visit)! I couldn't contain myself after the first bite. The soup base was heavenly scrumptious, rich flavor with a tinge of sourness. The mussels were absolutely fresh. Besides, try the tiramisu. Every layer was perfectly laid. The restaurant was very happening but still retain its cozy ambiance. Although all the waiters were somewhat in a rush, they served all their customers in perfectly well manner.

Ciao Italia
Address: 273 Mill Point Rd, South Perth WA 6151, Australia
Business Hours: 5PM-10PM  

#6 Try out the well-known Apple Strudel

There was something you cannot miss. If you asked me, I would say Corica Pastries, located at Northbridge has the best Apple Strudel in the world! Beautifully caramelized apple slices and creamy custard... who would say no to them? Crispy, sweet and juicy! It costs A$20, definitely worth every single penny. Best consumed as soon as you get it, don't wait. Well, it will taste less crispy and juicy if you bring it back to your home country. I bought one back to Malaysia and sadly it did not manage to survive in term of looks. Friendly advice: if you do bring them back, try to finish them within 3 days.

Corica Pastries
Address: 106 Aberdeen St, Northbridge WA 6003, Australia
Business Hours: 8AM-5.20PM

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