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13 Types of Travelers We (Even the Cats) Hate To Meet

        We all meet A LOT of people during our travels: people with different personalities, temperaments, behaviors, mindsets…. all gather together by a common passion—our passion to see the world. While there are a lot of travel blogs out there that have listed down all types of travelers they hate, I am actually happy to find out that my tolerance is much much higher. 

        While others are putting their hates on travel snobs, travel bloggers, Spiritual hippies, and country stamp collectors, I honestly think that travel should be done according to our own style and pace. No matter you are a backpacker, day tripper, hokey-pockey traveler (you put your right foot in the country and that’s it!), luxurious traveler, stay-forever-in-the-hostel traveler or an adventurous Indiana Jones, as long as it makes you happy, travel any way you like! 
        However, I couldn’t stand meeting travelers with the listed 13 qualities: 

1. The Sex Gods

       Staying in a 16-person dorm? No problem, it is still a perfect place to smuggle a girl or guy in and start making out on the lower BUNK BED! Yes! I was once that poor girl sleeping on the upper level, and although there were nothing too vigorous going on, I could still feel the movements. To be fair, I don’t think they realized that I was even there though, I was having my much needed quiet time after a day trip and I don’t even dare to get down coz that would be awkward, too awkward. Eventually, the hostel management got to know about this and left a warning note on the girl’s bed in the next morning.
       Think this doesn’t happen often? My friend fell victim to this behavior when we had a group trip to London and she ended up sitting on the staircase waiting for the session to end.

2. The Thieves

        This person is someone that you just met, staying in the same dorm. And the next morning you saw him/ her using your plug converter without your permission. You politely asked to have it back but they say they really needed it and would definitely give you back after breakfast. And then after breakfast time they were nowhere to be found. So you thought ok, you will not waste your precious time waiting around, so you left a note on his/her bed. The next thing you know, he/she checked out, together with your converter! And now you have to buy a new one!
        This could be worst if the person is not only a converter-thief. My former travel buddy got all his device stolen during his sleep while traveling. In fact, everyone in the same dorm got their stuff, money or cards stolen. Worst case scenario. 

3. The Judges

Oh, you have been to Sarawak but haven't seen an Orang Utan? Then u have never been to Sarawak!
What? you have been to Kuala Lumpur but never went up to the sky bridge between Petronas Twin Tower? Such a waste!
Well as I said, traveling styles differ. And it is up to us what to see and what not to, what interests us and what bores us. So stop judging and putting people down

4. The Gods of "Mercy"

“You went to the tiger temple? SHAME ON YOU!”
“You ate kangaroo meat? SUCH A HEARTLESS GIRL!”
I appreciate people who tell other travelers the truth behind an organization or tour but don’t make us feel like a worthless piece of shit. Everyone does mistakes. Educate, not belittle!

5. The Cheapskates

This person haggles hard with the poor sellers in the farmers market but buys shots in the nightclubs like they own the place. Not cool man, people here are working hard to make ends meet!

6. The Grammar Teachers

This person is not listening to what you are talking about, He listens closely to your grammar and ready to jump on every mistake you make.

7. The No Manners.

Don’t you know how to queue up? There was once when I tried to get off from the bus, someone started a fight because a couple decided to cut queue. In the midst of chaos, I was pushed down from the bus and injured my palms on the tar road.
Moral of the story: please don't cut queue or you'll cause a fight+ humiliation to your home country+ get thrown out of the bus+ accidentally injure a poor girl like me.

8. The Gossip Girls/Guys

Talking bad to me about my travel buddies of other race or religion? Not a good move. Once a well-traveled (according to him) guy who just get to know that I come from Malaysia questioned me about the official religion about the country and made some pretty harsh remarks. He expected me to agree with him due to his preconception that people of different religions in my country actually secretly hate each other. The only point I got from that conversation was: Traveling had taught this guy NOTHING at all. 

9. The Ranting Machines 

(I used to be this kind)
        This person rants about the country they are visiting. The toilets are so dirty here. Why don’t people learn English? Why are people here so close-minded? Why aren’t there a public bus from this part of town?
        And then I figured this out: When you can’t change your surroundings, change your ways to adapt. I started carrying wet tissue along, learning some phrase in the local languages… and the list goes on. We learn new things on the road every day and these little things sum up and shape us into who we are now. 

10. The Bill Dodgers

It’s normal to go out together with the new friends we met on the road for lunch or dinner. But when the bill lands, it is not cool to suddenly disappear in order to avoid paying your share! Some travelers will just let it slip. But please have mercy on us poor student budget-travelers. 

11. The Cultural Xs

This person does not give a shit about the culture and norm in other countries. When their access to the mosque or church got denied because they are wearing shorts, they blame the citizens of that country for overreacting, being closed-minded and start talking about freedom in every possible aspect. Dude, you are in people’s country, have some respect

12. The Hands of Destruction

To take the perfect portraits with cherry blossoms in the background, they vigorously shake the trees to create “cherry-blossom rain”. To create the perfect scene for a night photo, they start a fire next to an attraction. To show that they are strong enough, they kick down the precious rock formation that took millions of years to form. They use a knife to carve their names on the wall of a famous attraction.   

13. The Compare-it-all

The only thing that keeps this person happy is the social media. Everything is better in their home country. "Food in Malaysia has too much spices, food back home is better and healthier." "Roads in India are dirty, roads back home are more well-kept." "There are no free Wi-Fi everywhere like back home? No wonder this is a third world country!" 
Okay then stay home. 

Well, hate is a strong word, I would prefer to-- still use the word “hate”. 

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