Wednesday, January 4, 2017

14 Ways To Ruin A Friendship While Traveling

       Let's face it, even if someone is your best friend, you might be surprised to find out the different side of this person during travels. Travel brings out the best and the worst in a person, especially during stressful times. And we couldn't hide our true colors anymore with the other person being around 24/7. 
       Here are 14 behaviors that will make other people go berserk while traveling. 

1. Having no sense of time, at all. Take all the sweet time you need to put on your make-up at 9am while your friends are already waiting for you in the lobby since 8am. 

2. Be the "no opinion" member during the planning period and complaint about everything during the trip. From the hostel to the itinerary to the weather. 

3. Treat your travel buddy like a free tour guide. Remember that you do not sponsor this person on the trip. If someone takes initiative to plan the trip for everyone, appreciate his/her effort. 

4. The glue. You guys must stick together, no matter what. This person couldn't bear the idea of separating even just for an hour. Shopping for girl's stuff? All guys must come along. No matter how time wasting it is. 

5. The boss forces everyone to go to a place no matter they are interested or not. 

6. The overly religious+ 0 tolerance guys. Imagine all overly religious guys traveling together and all of them couldn't stand each other eating their forbidden food. Muslims don't eat pork, Hindus don't eat beef, Adventist Christians don't eat seafood, Jains don't eat root vegetables. So...? respect each other, but at the same time, tolerate each other. 

7. Emo-ing 24/7. Sometimes during travels, things don't go as planned. It's okay to show our frustration for awhile, anyhow, we are just human. But if you put on that annoyed face 24/7 for a week? Please don't ruin the fun of traveling. Worst? Some people shows their frustration on their face but never want to talk face to face about it, and then they'll make sure you know by "accidentally" complaining too loud about you to another person on skype.   

8. Hangovers are the worst. If you travel with an alcoholic, chances are you'll end up taking care of this person and throw all your initial plans out the window.

9. Put the blame on you! This person never read all the instructions you sent him/her online and decided to show up with 3 bags for a Ryanair flight. He/she then insisted that you didn't tell her/him.

10. The unfair cut. You decided to share luggage weight limit with this person and he/she ended up taking up 80% of the space and expect you to settle for the remaining 20%. If you object, you become the jerk. 

11. The Super model's pictures have to be all perfect for Instagram. It is okay to spend 1 hour in a place doing nothing but taking his/her photos... and your thumb hurts after so many snaps. 

12. This person can be your friend but she/he just can't stay with you for too long, because they can't stand the way you eat, sleep, talk or breath. Yup, bizarre people is everywhere. Hah, believe me, I've met with this kind and she was annoyed with me for breathing too loud (that's just how I breath, dude...)   

13. You are being too sensitive 24/7 and take everything to heart. Your friends couldn't even relax with you around. 

14. Being the traveler everyone hates. For example, the travel sluts. This person invites every single guy back to the room you both share... even to hostel dorm! and you have to lie to everyone that you don't know this person/ you guys just met.  

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