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Jobs That Let You Travel The World (Best Jobs For Travel Junkies)

Considering the digital nomad lifestyle? Trying out portable working? Yes, it is actually possible to travel the word and make money at the same time, as long as you’ve got the skill and you have what it takes: Patience, Endurance, and Consistency. Here are some creative methods  to earn money on the go.  
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1. Street performing

Have a skill to impress? Showing off your dance skills, vocal, plucking skills, or artwork can be a fun way to make some quick buck. However, reserve in advance as busking is not legal everywhere. 
Street performing

2.  Instructor

My mom says do what you love so that you love what you do every day. If you are passionate about something, turn it into your job! No matter it is scuba diving, surfing or yoga, someone would want to learn these skills from you. 
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3. Tutoring

Fluent in a language? Try offering your tutoring service to local! Teaching English is one of the most popular ways to earn cash on the go, some companies may even sponsor your flight and accommodation. If you are good in other subjects like algebra, art or sports, try applying to become a substitute teacher. In short, monetize your expertise! Here is a great way to start: by setting up a free add on Craigslist. 
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4. Flight Attendant

Here comes the classic. There is no job like cabin crew, flying you all over the world in style! Yes, you may have to deal with the most difficult passengers in the air but once landed, you will find yourself in your dream city— Vienna, Zurich, Paris, you name it! And it comes with perks like 90% discounted flights! 
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5. Working Holidays

This is one of the most common jobs for college students taking a gap year. If you love the wide outdoors, Picking fruit and vegetables is a great choice for seasonal jobs. Imagine harvesting kiwis in New Zealand and perhaps grapes in France. These jobs not only send you to your dreamland, they pay quite well too!
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Working Holidays

6. Traveling shows

If you got what it takes and don’t mind all the jetting around, consider joining a music world tour, band, performing art road show or the equivalents. 

7. Hostel, Hotel or Resort

While some jobs are running on a voluntary basis (accommodation and food provided), some are paid. Most of them are looking for extra helping hands, especially during high season. If you want to meet people and have plenty of time to socialize, this job is for you. 
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8. Bars and restaurants

Table waiting and bartending are classic part time jobs for college students. Even when traveling, why not show up at a local cafe and try your luck. If you are passionate about cooking, ask if they are hiring a junior chef. You might be able to learn a thing or two about french cuisine from the main chef!

9. Au pair

If you don’t love kids, don’t apply for the job. An Au pair is there to help a family with house chores, including taking care of their children. 
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10. Tour Guide

Get paid to travel and show others your favorite part of the world! Some companies require a license but some just need you to have that firing passion for traveling. You can also work as a freelance guide and get clients by advertising online. 
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Vietnam tour

11. Jobs on a Cruise Ship 

Up for a unique experience? As long as you don’t get motion sickness on longer journeys, Apply for a position on a cruise ship, no matter it is bartending, reception or housekeeping, you get to travel to the most exotic island and port on the planet and get paid! 
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12. Modeling

If you have the look, confidence, and a killer smile, freelance modeling can actually earn you some quick money.  
Fashion Model

13. House Sitting

Let’s face it, a large portion of our travel fund goes to accommodation. What if, there is a way which you can earn yourself a free place to stay? If your host has a pet and you aren’t allergic to fur, consider taking up the job. Now it shall be called “Pet-sitting”. 
House sitting

14. Rental

If you have an extra room in your house, don’t just leave it there, clean it up and rent it out! Some people even rent out couch or their gardens for campers on Airbnb. 
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15. Sell Your Creations

Make something beautiful and sell it online. Are you an artist? Don’t let that talent of yours go to waste. Create crafts, jewelry, cards, T-shirts, showcase your personality! If they are unique and full of character, people would definitely want them!    
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16. Work online 

There are so many options out there! You can be a travel photographer, taking amazing pictures and sell them online; be a Graphic Designer, Programmer, Social Media Manager, Translator… the list goes on and on! Or, if you are into writing, be a travel blogger, travel magazine writer and so on. There are tons of opportunities to land your first writing gig. 
If you wanna dip your toes into travel writing, I am introducing a new travel writer every now and then, so drop me an email if you are interested! 
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