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JAPAN: Town of Onsen (Hot Spring), Kusatsu, Gunma

❄️Japan winter trip?❄️
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      Tokyo rarely snow. It is very hard to see snowflakes in the city center of Tokyo. However, if you are coming to Japan during winter, I bet we share the same anticipation: we are keen to see some snow, right? So if that is exacting what you are thinking, I invite you to follow me as I knock on the next door, not far from Tokyo city.

Japan snow

Let's visit the amazing hot spring town, Kusatsu Town, Gunma.


This onsen (hot spring) town is located in Gunma prefecture, right next to Tokyo, hidden inside the mountains. The source of it's hot spring is the active volcano on Mount Kusatsu Shrine.

Kusatsu onsen

Why Kusatsu? Kusatsu holds the largest natural hot spring water flowing in all of Japan. One of the unique features of the hot spring is the sulfurous, highly acidic water. (I tasted the water accidentally. It tastes sour and a little pricking when it gets into eyes. ) There’s also a nickname for the hot spring -- 美人の湯 (hot spring of beauty). Due to the high quantity of mineral in the water, our skin turned smooth and moisturized after the onsen bath. It is said that the hot spring water helps in improving our skin and blood circulatory, hence it cures certain nerves and skin diseases.


Yumomi experience

Kusatsu hot spring is famous due to the comparatively higher water temperature than other hot springs in Japan. In order to reduce the temperature yet maintain the quality and quantity of the minerals, ancient Japanese invented a method called “yumomi”. Now, what is Yumomi? It is a practice which the ladies carry a wooden stick to flip and turn the water over and over while singing folk songs. It has now become a historical performance that attracts tons of tourists to visit Kusatsu, and still being commonly practiced in Kusatsu town.
Netsu no Yu perform the Yumomi daily according to a fixed schedule, the entrance fee is JPY600, and to experience it with the guide of the performers, you'll have to pay another JPY250. Do check out more information and the schedule at http://www.kusatsu-onsen.ne.jp.e.uh.hp.transer.com/netsunoyu/about/ (photo source)


This is one of the most famous attractions in Kusatsu. This place is used to store the natural hot spring and then deliver them to houses and hotels. This spot is considered the landmark of Kusatsu Onsen town and best of all? It is located right in the center of the town. Don't forget to check it out at night when the lights are up, it is beautiful!

Onsen Tamago

Have you ever heard about Onsen Tamago? Yes, this is it. Hot spring eggs! Exclusively picked eggs boiled in the 100% natural hot spring. It was said to be rich with Omega 3 (look at the egg yolk and you will know) and the mineral of the hot spring. Price starts from JPY150/pcs
Have you ever heard about Onsen tamago?
Yes, this is it. Hot spring egg! Exclusively picked eggs boiled in 100% natural hot spring water (as shown in the photo here), it tasted pretty Awesome ♡ Don't miss it!
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Remember to try this out! It's called a "Fried hot spring steamed bun". It doesn’t look super appetizing but after tasting so many steamed buns in Japan, this one is definitely one of the best. (consider that I don't even love steamed that much) Believe me, it is worth a try! Price starts from 150JPY/pcs

Kosenji temple

The temple and the whole stair leading towards it were covered in snow. Watch your footsteps as it’s pretty slippery when walking on ice (the snow melted and frosted due to the difference in day/night temperature).
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Kosenji temple

Shinokawara park

Featuring hot spring water flowing non-stop from the top of the mountain, this park is famous with its large outdoor natural hot spring bath. All the way up to the bathing spot, you can see the river-like onsen keep flowing down to the town. When it gets too cold, just put your hands into the water and it warms you up instantly! There’s also an Inari temple in the park. Red tori-It looks really beautiful when covered by snow right?
Shinokawara park


The accommodation in Kusatsu Onsen Town is pretty costly. But it didn’t affect my determination to find the cheapest and the best... That was my goal! After much research, I finally came to a decision: I'll be staying in Inn Kusatsu Hills Blanche.
 Inn Kusatsu Hills Blanche

     It takes quite a while to walk to the resort because it is located on the top of hills. Anyway, you’re gonna find it totally worth the extra effort.

What is cool about this accommodation?

Inn Kusatsu Hills Blanche
 1. You own the whole onsen bathroom.
There are 5 natural hot spring bathrooms. So long as it is empty you can enter without reservation, and the whole bathroom is yours, there's no need to share with others, hence do not have to feel shy. Moreover, the bath is big enough to accommodate a group of friends or a family.

2. The view.
The windows of the bathroom are designed for guests to enjoy the view of the town. You'll enjoy a beautiful vista of the hills from the bathrooms so sit back and enjoy the scenery and onsen at the same time. The restaurant in the hotel also allows guests to dine overlooking the town. Wine and western food are served.
Inn Kusatsu Hills Blanche

3. The price
Only 4000 JPY per person to stay in this hotel!! Get everything you want in one place. Check out the website for more: http://www.blanche932.com/

      This is what you'll get if you have the time to escape from the city life of Tokyo. I strongly recommend this spot as it is the best way to feel the real Japan winter, to see the beautiful snowy town and enjoy the best onsen in Japan! Have a nice trip. ❤

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