Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Moscow At Night: Photos and Safety Tips

One thing that you really have to see during your visit to Moscow, is the city's awe-inspiring night view. If you think Moscow is pretty during the day, wait until night falls... when millions of lightbulbs illuminate the city to life.  
Moscow night

      However, if you've read my Moscow 100 Travel tips article, I mentioned that it is not entirely safe to wander around Moscow at night. (Although I feel quite safe most of the time, anything can happen. ) 
      So what should we do to be able to enjoy what Moscow has to offer and at the same time, to be on the safe side? 

1. Never wander around alone at night. Travel with at least 1 friend. ** Night in central Moscow is safe, I would say (a lot of police patrolling). However, tourists who aren't familiar with the roads often wander into non-central parts, which make it less safe. 

2. Avoid places like the bars and nightclubs (to avoid running into aggressive drunk youth). 
3. If you see a drunk person in your path, do not make eye contact, do not stop or engage in a conversation, just ignore him if you are called. 
4. Keep some Important contact numbers, just in case... and also the phone number of your embassy. 
5. Always walk on the sidewalk, be extra careful when crossing the roads. (Don't get hit by cars.)
6. Always have your registration and documents with you.
7. Have a business card of your hotel with you. So in case you are lost and don't speak Russian, you can just show the address to someone and ask for direction. 
8. Use legal, registered taxi. And also share your GPS location with your closed ones. 
9. Use common sense. Avoid dark under-lit alleys.
10 The metro only runs until 1 a.m. , so be aware of the time. 
11. Look relaxed. Don’t show your anxiety.

Some Photos taken during my recent visit: 

Moscow night
Moscow at night
GUM at night
red square at night
Red square at night
Moscow night
Moscow Kremlin at night
Red Square nightSt Basil's Cathedral nightKremlin lightsMoscow river nightKremlin lightsMoscow at nightMoscow lightsMoscow lightsMoscow lightsBolshoi Theater at night Moscow lightsMoscow night viewMoscow night view
Moscow night view
Moscow city lights

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