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Krabi Experience: Be a Local in Koh Klang

Another good day to explore local tourism in Krabi! 
       After I came back from the trip, there are people asking me questions like, 
"why aren't you doing island activities like tourists would normally do? Like island hopping, snorkeling and etc.
       A few reasons out there, I will answer the question at the end of my article! Let’s read until the end ;)

Koh Klang

       Koh Klang literary means the island in the middle. Koh Klang Village is located on this small and peaceful island, just 5 minutes away by boat from Krabi town. The only transport on the island is the motor-trishaw (Tuk-tuk).
Koh Klang
Krabi local experience
Krabi tuk tuk
krabi transportation

       In this village, around 70% of the residents are involved in the agriculture field. Most families are fishermen, followed by rice farming and attending coconut and banana orchards.
      The Islanders are Muslims, so we won't see any dogs on this island. Instead, there are goats and cats everywhere which makes a very interesting scene. During November, the whole island will be in a golden hue, as the paddy grew ripe. Amazing scenery worth celebrating as the time for harvesting is around the corner.
      Anyways, the time I visited wasn't the harvesting season, so what did we do instead? Planting paddy! Be a farmer for a day!
Krabi local experience
Krabi local experience
Krabi local life
Krabi local experience
Krabi local tour
      Getting muddy in the farm! So much joy and fun!  

      After getting muddy in the paddy field, let's check out the traditional art of batik! They are using 100% natural coloring, and you can have a hands-on experience making a scarf. (Or T-shirt, but I chose scarf)
      We used primarily yellow and red colors today, which were made from turmeric and mangrove respectively, being boiled over some very long hours to extract the color.
Thailand Batik
Krabi local experience

      The materials for the coloring are normally collected by the children on the island, then transferred them here to be made into color and produce products, the last sewing part will be done in another place, so that the income will be distributed evenly into different categories of the community.    
      Today, we used the tie-dye method to create our art pieces.
      Our teacher is a lady who lives here since young. She've been through the ups and downs of the place and carries a lot of knowledge about the island (and of course, the local art). She taught us how to tie the cloth to create different patterns, Immerse the tied cloth into the boiling color, making sure it is soaked evenly,
Krabi local experience
Krabi local experience

      Open it up!!
Krabi local experience

      Highly satisfied with the experience (but not my work... D: Lack of the sense of art maybe?)
After the class, a complimentary meal on the island will be served. Having lunch in this natural, quiet, simple, and peaceful village is such a unique experience. The local food tastes really good too.
Krabi halal food
Krabi halal food

     An unforgettable, memorable and meaningful trip to the Koh Klang Island.  Love it to bits. Want to make your next trip to Thailand a meaningful one? Book the tour with Everyday Krabi right now! Explore more and more hidden, unknown, wonderful local experiences!
Krabi muslim tour

Back to answering the first question: 
      First, this is not my first island trip, island hopping is cool but I would like to spend more time exploring the insider activities and to live a day just like the locals in Krabi. That's actually my objective of traveling: To know about the culture, the people, and the different lifestyle of the locals. Just like this day! What a memorable experience of being a one-day local.
Krabi muslim tour

      Other than that, activities like snorkeling and feeding fishes actually bring harm to the ecosystem, feeding is lawfully prohibited but not much people seemed to be aware and care about it, which led to a pretty severe harm to the whole ocean ecosystem. And also overwhelming tourism is fatal to the Coral reefs. It will be nice even if only one another person get to know about this situation, so, spread it if you care too :)

dragon crest trail krabi
Everyday Krabi is a travel agency aiming at sustainable travel manner and community-based tourism. We aim to bring out real and authentic experiences in Krabi to visitors as welcoming friends to our home as well as encouraging sustainable and responsible travel habits such as environmental awareness, cultural awareness, and the love of nature such as;
-not supporting animal cruelty
-waste-free travel
-protect the wildlife and marine life
-protecting the culture
-investing locally (support local tourism)
We want everyone to go on adventures and enjoy Krabi by really learning about our nature and culture!

Give your trip a great kick-start!
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