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Sunrise Hike in Krabi: Tiger Cave Temple

       On our last day in Krabi, before we catch our flight back to our own country, we joined a hiking tour in the morning, with Everyday Krabi. This is the one activity I got obsessed with and still reminiscing the hike even after a long time.
Krabi Tiger Cave Temple
      We got up at 4:30 am and started hiking at around 5:30 am, kept going up 1237 stair-steps and this is what we got.
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       I love hiking, but this time, with 1237 STAIRCASES, that was too demotivating...
I was shocked when I found out the hike involved climbing stairs to the top, and I secretly hated it at the beginning.  However, the view on our way up got better and better in every step. At the end, I found the extra effort totally worth it!
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       The stairs are steep sometimes, it’ll use up a lot of your energy and stamina, but as long as you hold on to it, around 1 hour +/- you will be on the top of the mountain, enjoying the precious sunrise moment.
Krabi Hike

       The top of the mountain is a well-maintained temple (Tiger Cave Temple). Standing at this peak makes people feel calm and relaxed. We enjoyed watching the sunrise and the sea of clouds covering the city. Looking at the limestone mountains beside us surrounded by the clouds, I felt like I am floating in the sky and that is very healing for me. It took away all the tiredness and exhaustion from various exciting activities I’ve had during the trip. It feels good to be in the cloud, recharging my energy and refreshing my mind once again!
Krabi Tiger Cave Temple
Krabi Tiger Cave Temple
Krabi Tiger Cave Temple

       I bet I was lucky, because I was able to join a simple Yoga lesson on top of the mountain
Krabi Yoga

       This is the obsession I mentioned! We were doing yoga on the clouds! Exactly like what we’ve always seen in those kungfu movies, isn’t it? Love this fun and impressive experience. The lesson wasn’t hard, it was meant for beginners, and I really am thinking to start joining yoga class after the lesson. I felt revitalized after the hike and the stretching from the yoga.
       After that, we step down to the ground with the team, to grab a LOCAL BREAKFAST.
What can be more exciting than a proper and delicious breakfast after a hike?? Especially local Thai breakfast!  You know, the taste and sensation of Thai food, who wouldn't love it? 
Krabi Halal Food
Krabi breakfast
Krabi breakfast
Krabi breakfast
Krabi food
Krabi food

       People from the tour are so friendly and easygoing. We sat down together and had a feast of breakfast! 
Krabi breakfast

       Moreover, the breakfast was complimentary with the tour! We enjoyed the huge varieties of local food in one meal. I was crazily in love with the breakfast experience. 

Take note :

  • No matter what kind of hike you are doing, please bring enough water. This hike takes around 1 hour.
  • Beware of Monkeys. This is the habitat of monkeys. Bear in mind, do not feed them. They don't simply disturb people.
  • It's a prayer spot anyways. Be respectful, this is the simplest common sense.

Great experience of a hike! I do highly recommend this for those who love adventures and amazing unknown sceneries.  Viewpoint of tiger cave temple.

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dragon crest trail krabi
Everyday Krabi is a travel agency aiming at sustainable travel manner and community-based tourism. We aim to bring out real and authentic experiences in Krabi to visitors as welcoming friends to our home as well as encouraging sustainable and responsible travel habits such as environmental awareness, cultural awareness, and the love of nature such as;
-not supporting animal cruelty
-waste-free travel
-protect the wildlife and marine life
-protecting the culture
-investing locally (support local tourism)
We want everyone to go on adventures and enjoy Krabi by really learning about our nature and culture!
Give your trip a great kick-start!
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