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7 things in Taiwan that you can’t find in Malaysia!

        So far I have visited Taiwan twice in my life. Both of the trips I did not really explore the tourism spots like a tourist. But I kind of experienced Taiwan like a local and also as a cyclist, and those are the reasons of me writing this article discussing what are the daily things that are so common to Taiwanese but surprised me as a Malaysian. 
beautiful Taiwan

1. Convenient stores

The convenient stores in Taiwan are just like those in Japan and Thailand. You can find everything here in the stores with varieties, and most of them are cutely packaged. All the souvenirs I brought back from Taiwan were from the convenient stores. 

7-eleven and family mart can be easily found all around Taiwan. Sometimes there are 2 stores of the same branch in one row of building or just opposite the street. THAT CONVENIENT! 

Introducing my favorite milk tea from the stores: 
Just Drink (the bottles are so cute!!)
beautiful Taiwan

You can find exquisitely bottle-packaged coffee as well!
beautiful Taiwan
Choco’s favorite! Green Milk Tea and Rose Honey Milk Tea
Can simply tell that flavorful and colorful are totally my kind of things!

2. Seasons and Temperature 

If you are going to Taiwan for a different season and views, to be away from Malaysia’s hot weather, and to chill in a windy and cozy temperature, the best time to go will be during the months of October through end of November. Because it is autumn! The average temperatures range in Taiwan throughout this season is from 19-27 degrees Celsius.

You will have the best view of Miscanthus (Mang Cao), a lot of greens at cozy temperature, and paddy view!
beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan

I found a maple leaf on Yang Ming Shan National Park. Which also a cool place and a must to visit in Taiwan! It is home to numerous parks, hiking trails, interesting plants and wildlife, and the internationally famous hot springs.
beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan

3. Awesome night markets

There are tons of night markets all around Taiwan selling goods and Taiwan street food. Some large night markets even open every night, for example in Taipei, there are 3 large and famous night markets opening daily. 
beautiful Taiwan

Shilin Night Market has over hundreds of food and goods vendors. You can enjoy varieties in this night market!
beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan

Shida Night Market is like a fashion street, also selling Taiwan street food. The youngsters love to hang around this night market, looking for clothing and other fashion stuffs.
beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan

Raohe Night Market is a buzzing, venerable nighttime street market offering street food, shops & carnival games
beautiful Taiwan

Depends on what you are looking for, you can choose from a lot, or choose to go to all of them each night!

What I like about Taiwan night markets is that they always come up with new and creative stuffs and food, never get bored of them! At the same time old stuffs’ quality is maintained. I am sure night markets in Taiwan are definitely enjoyable and totally worth going!

4. Cycling path 

It might be hard to imagine, but cycling paths are almost all around Taiwan. Taiwan is absolutely cyclist friendly. It is easy to find a bike shop, a lot of cycling events going on throughout the year, and cyclists from all around the world can be easily seen on the road! Cycling is just like part of Taiwan. Both the local and foreign cyclists mostly enjoy and appreciate riding in Taiwan. So did me.

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5. Assorted products in Pharmacies

When I say pharmacy, in Malaysia we don’t really have many things in pharmacy except the medical products right? Where as in Taiwan, pharmacies (drugstores) also playing the role of cosmetic stores! Various make-up products, skin care products, facial mask and more could be found in the pharmacies with wide range of brands. 

beautiful Taiwan
beautiful Taiwan
A corner for Japanese products

They also feature quite a lot of Japanese products both on cosmetics and snacks! I found my favorite Japanese candy in the one of the stores!
Kracie Rose Candy (I will say get the one on the right!)

6. The reversed driving side

Please be careful about this one! The driving side is on the left in Taiwan, so do the roads are in the reversed direction from Malaysia’s. It took me quite a while to get used to it. And I don’t think I am fully adapted even until the last day of my ride. (There were quite several times I was almost crushed, especially after a turn because I turned into the wrong side of road.) 
beautiful Taiwan

Also people in Taiwan drive very fast and they often ignore the traffic lights, so my suggestion is to always keep a clear mind of the driving direction if you have to drive or ride, and be careful on road! Come back home safely. :D 
beautiful Taiwan

7. People 

Taiwanese are so friendly. They cheered for us when we rode passed their houses and shops. Even when sometimes the language was not supporting, we understood the meaning from the smile and body language. That is how warm the people are.
beautiful Taiwan

Anyway, there is one thing I am thinking to clear up for Malaysian. A lot of my Malaysian friends who visited Taiwan told me that “People” is one the most remarkable thing during their Taiwan trip because they are so much nicer than Malaysian. I can’t agree more about Taiwanese are absolutely kind and friendly. But I personally think that Malaysians are sometimes even more welcoming! 

People always offer me greetings, waves, nods, and not stingy on genuine smiles even though I am a local! Malaysians are pretty friendly and easy going. Try to observe next time when you are in Malaysia. I bet if you are nice, you won’t be disappointed by the friendliness of Malaysian.

All in All

        The 7 things above are just a very small part of Taiwan’s uniqueness. You are more than welcome to comment and let us know your opinion and experience about what you think is special about Taiwan! Or any contrast you found between Taiwan and Malaysia? Let’s talk about them. Can’t wait to find out more! We are all ears. 

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