Thursday, October 1, 2015

Japan: Dojima Roll Ice by Patisserie Moncher

You would not look at classic Swiss rolls the same way anymore after you get your hands on this, I guarantee!
These ice cream rolls are made out of the best “Hokkaido Milk”, top with fresh seasonal fruits and finish with a touch of colorful fruit sauce.

photo source: Moncher website

Price Starts from 3240 Yen (Price for 6 Domaji rolls. )
The Dojima Ice Rolls are only available in Summer (Start from May 8), you can choose your set of 6 or 12 Dojima Rolls. 
The Best flavour to date: Matcha with Azuki bean paste with swirl of black honey…

Photo source: Moncher website
If you know any Hello Kitty Fanatic, surprise them by sending a Hello Kity Ice Roll Gift set! You can order them online for 4500 Yen.
Photo source: Moncher website
And from 15/12/2015 until 30/12/2015 a Christmas Special Hello Kitty Dojima Roll Gift pack is available at 3456 Yen including delivery!
Website: Moncher 

photo source: Moncher website

Location: There are a lot of Moncher shops nationwide. There are even shops in China and Hong Kong.

The one in Tokyo:
Tokyo Department Store Shibuya
TEL. 03-3477-3111 ( department store representative )
Opening hours: It conforms to the facility’s business hours.

Click Here for location in Tokyo, Osaka and Many More! 

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